Whether you’ve been thinking about giving your current haircut a bit of an upgrade or just don’t feel like spending a bomb visiting the salon only to get your bangs trimmed, this guide was meant for you. Cutting your own bangs is a hairstyle hack all girls should know and while it might seem like an intimidating task, it’s anything but. Turns out, if you do follow the instructions carefully, you can get the perfect bangs sitting at home. Just follow our stepwise guide and we assure you, you won’t end up in one of those hilarious beauty mishap videos doing the rounds on Youtube.

Cutting your own bangs

Step 1

Before you take on the task of cutting your own bangs in front of the mirror, wash and condition your hair with the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range just the way you would if you’d have gone to a salon. It’ll ensure that your hair rests naturally and help you gauge its fall. Once done, let your hair air-dry and then begin cutting your bangs. Do not blow dry your hair because that would alter the way it looks and affect the final outcome.

Step 2

First, begin by figuring out where exactly you want your bangs to start from.
To do this turn your head sideways, place a comb at the centre of your head and begin combing your hair all over. Then focus on the front part of your hair (where you’ll be cutting your bangs.)

Step 3

Separate this part of your hair in such a way that it forms an inverted V with the broader side facing your forehead.

Step 4

Take the hair from this section, hold it flat between your index and middle finger and pull it to the side. Then place your fingers at the spot where you want your bangs to be till i.e. the final trimmed length of your bangs.

Step 5

Basically, this means that you’ve got to cut the excess part of your bangs that is coming out from the other side of your fingers.

cutting perfect bangs at home

Step 6

The mistake that most people make is to go at the bangs horizontally (as seen above) and in a straight line. The results of that are often disastrous! Instead, take the professional route and do this—hold the bangs upwards, away from your face and position the scissor at a 60-degree angle facing downwards and begin cutting your bangs.

Step 7

Once you’re done, let them loose and run a brush over them. Because of the point cutting method, your bangs might not be super straight and instead, have slight jagged edges, making for the perfect French-girl fringe.
While that’s absolutely okay, if you want the final outcome to look sharp, take the scissor and carefully knock off all the unruly strands till they fall in a straight line.

Step 8

To style your bangs, use a hairdryer on high heat and begin combing your bangs in a slightly sideways direction—both to the left and right. When you do this, your bangs will automatically take the shape of your forehead and adjust their natural fall.