Have you ever left a salon extremely frustrated, embarrassed and angry because your spanking new haircut was either too short or looked no good at all? We've all been there... and it's tragic.

No, seriously, it can ruin your mood and maybe even send you home crying to mommy. Moreover, it can ruin your self-esteem for weeks!

Luckily, it's not the end of the world (even if it might feel that way). There are tons of things you can do to bring back your confidence during the grow-out phase. And who knows? You might even start liking your haircut! Keep reading for a few of our favourite bad haircut survival tips.

expert tips to survive a bad haircut

Speak to your stylist

If you notice that you don’t like how your haircut looks, don’t shy away from telling your stylist that. We are not asking you to panic or be rude, but talking to him/her will help you understand what went wrong. Simply tell him/ her what bothers you in detail and maybe he/ she could set it right.

If the attempt to fix it still makes you unsure, well... keep on reading.

expert tips to survive a bad haircut

Bobby pins to the rescue

Replenish your supply of bobby pins; they could really come handy while you wait for your hair to adjust and grow out of its awkward cut. For example, if you accidentally got a short haircut, you can use these to create an updo or simply add twistees to camouflage extra short bangs. You can also use it to keep your uneven bangs from showing.

expert tips to survive a bad haircut

Wear more hats

Even after trying, if you simply cannot even out your haircut and are embarrassed to wear your hair down, now is the perfect time to become a hat person. If this is a summer haircut we’re talking about, then invest in a chic floppy hat or reach for a baseball hat that looks appropriate throughout the year. This will not just cover your hair, but also make you look très mode.

expert tips to survive a bad haircut

Invest in headbands

Thank heavens for statement headbands! The big, eye-catching headbands are not just a trendy, but will also hide your awkward bangs and cover up any uneven layers. In short, they will totally distract everyone from noticing your bad haircut.

expert tips to survive a bad haircut

Master the top knot

Putting all your hair into a bun is perhaps the easiest way to mask everything that you don’t like about your new haircut. Just gather all your hair at the top of your head and knot it up to keep things chic and stylish.