If you love fishtail braids, and buns, we’ve found the perfect combination of the two hairstyles — a fishtail braided bun! A simple yet elegant hairstyle that’s sure to garner a lot of attention. For those who haven’t mastered the fishtail braid, it’s time you do so because this braiding technique is very much in vogue and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, you will get to wear this trendy updo too.

You can achieve the hairdo in a few easy steps and wear it pretty much anywhere — right from date night to a wedding. So, if you are ready to learn, scroll down to see all the steps.

easy fishtail braided bun

Image courtesy: @hairibec

Step 01: After combing and detangling, gather all your hair at the top of your head.

Step 02: Secure it with a sturdy hair tie. Then, place a large scrunchie or hair doughnut over the hair tie to add volume to your updo.

Step 03: From underneath your ponytail, pull out about 1/4th of your hair.

Step 04: Braid this section you just pulled out into a fishtail braid and neatly place the ponytail over your head.

Step 05: Tease the ponytail by backcombing — this will add more volume to your hairdo.

Step 06: Take the teased ponytail, give it a twist and wrap the ponytail around the base of the scrunchie/hair doughnut. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 07: Now, slightly pull on the fishtail braid to make it look fuller. You can skip this step if you wish to make it look sleek.

Step 08: Wrap the fishtail braid around the base of the bun and tuck the ends underneath. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 09: Put on your favourite dress and lipstick and don’t forget to take pictures!

Main image courtesy: @daantjeburgering