How To Do A French Bun

Written by Team BBSep 23, 2020
There are quite a few things we can learn from the French—their astute sense of style, their love for stripes, their fuss-free beauty routines, wearing red lips during the day and of course their many hair ideas. One of our favourites among these is the French bun—a go-to on all those mornings when you’re running late for work and can’t afford to take a head shower. Here is our complete step-by-step guide…
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Before you begin…

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Step 1

Comb your hair with a paddle brush and then sweep it all to one side.
Just off the center, place a bobby pin near the nape of your neck to secure your hair.

Step 2

Take more bobby pins and place them above the first bobby pin ensuring that they crisscross in such a way that they hold the hair to one side.

Step 3

Take all the hair that you’ve pulled to one side, twist it and gather it upwards.

Step 4

Use more bobby pins by placing them horizontally into your hair such that they pass through the base of this twist and secure it in place. (It should look like a croissant.)

Step 5

Once the twist is secure, you’ll notice that the ends are falling freely. You can either pin those in place if you want your hair looking neat or let them be as is for a messy look. Hold your hair in place using a hairspray.

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