Braids and buns are all the rage right now. While everyone is obsessed with fishtail braids and sleek buns, we thought of doing something different; combining the two together.  Because combining the two together seems like a lot of fun. These hairstyles may seem complicated, but they are not. 

A fun party updo or something that can keep hair off your face during a workout, double braided buns are perfect for everyday casual wear too. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to make double braided buns easily.

how to do double braided buns

Step 01: Part your hair at the centre to get two equal sections of hair on both sides

Step 02: Pull the hair up on each side into a pigtail and secure with a hair tie. Position them on the top for a modern look

Step 03: Braid each pigtail and secure the end with a hair tie. If you have fine hair, you can tease your hair first to get more volume

Step 04: Using your fingers gently pull strands on the loops for extra volume. This will make your buns look fuller

Step 05: Wrap the braid towards or away from the hairline around the base of the pigtail. Tuck the ends properly and secure with a bobby pin

Step 06: Repeat the process on the other side as well.

Step 07: Finish off with some hairspray.

Image courtesy: Pinterest