We’re always looking for inspiration from the French. With their Parisian sense of style and easy but chic take on beauty, they make for good-looking style icons. Similarly, France has also influenced the hair department with their many variations of chignons and twists. One such easy hairstyle is the French bun or the French juda hairstyle that we’re trying out today…

Before you embark on this, you must wash your hair with the TRESemme Ionic Strength Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo will provide your hair with the right kind of nourishment because it contains a Salon Grade Ionic Complex. The conditioner will lend it moisture and make your hair damage free!

how to do french juda hairstyle gif 1

Step 1:

To start with your French juda hairstyle, brush your hair towards one side of your head while parting it slightly off the centre.

Step 2:

Roll the entire length of your hair and twist it into a U-shape with it with one hand. Using the other hand, tuck the ends of the hair under the rolled hair section.

Step 3:

Use bobby pins to secure the hairstyle. Especially focus on pinning the base of the juda to secure the style well.

Step 4:

Finish off the look by spraying the TIGI BedHead Hard Head hairspray from 10 inches away so that your French-inspired hairstyle looks gorgeous and stays in place.

With the French juda hairstyle, you’re all ready to look Parisian chic!