No time to make a dash to the salon before a big event? Worry not! Get fun and flirty salon-ready hairstyles in less than 5 minutes without the hassles of dryers, curlers or straightening irons.
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Hair Bands
Fast becoming a must-have accessory to dress up plain hair, hairbands can work their charm on any length. Embellished with stones, sequins and even corsages, they instantly doll up any look. Wear it old-school style if you have bangs or a fringe, or across your forehead for a more laidback vibe.
Wear it with: A sweet summer dress or a maxi skirt

Hair Combs
Spotted on the international runways, the bejewelled hair comb makes an elegant statement. If you’re tying your hair back or in a low bun, secure it with a dressed up hair comb. Faux diamonds, stones or metallic flowers, the possibilities of embellishments on hair combs are endless, making them one of the most versatile hair accessories today.
Wear it with: A pant suit or an elegant gown

Bandanas and Scarves
For a more playful look, a bandana is your best bet. The traditional way would be to wrap it around your forehead and let your long locks fall (Cue: Capt. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.) The other way is to take it round the bottom of your head and secure it near your front hairline with a big bow as a top knot, very retro style.
Wear it with: Cute denim shorts or your Little Black Dress

Bobby Pins
An obvious choice for the minimalists among us, fancy bobby pins can add just that tad bit of drama to your hair style. The most understated of all accessories, side swept hair with a glittered, jewelled or embellished bobby pin looks just as chic as any other up-do.
Wear it with: A button-down shirt or a girly blouse

Floral Crowns
Floral crowns are a global rage this season. Whether you’ve bought it from a store or made it at home, the floral crown makes for the perfect casual hair accessory for day time dos. And yes, it’s only a big advantage that you can pair it with anything; be it shorts or a dress.
Wear it with: A striking jumpsuit or a maxi dress