Here’s How To Identify Your Hair Type And Pick The Right Products For Your Tresses

Written by Nida SayyedNov 16, 2022
Here’s how to identify your hair type and pick the right products for your tresses

When it comes to beauty, one size does not fit all. You need to pick your skincare and haircare products based on the needs of your skin and hair. If you’ve been dealing with a particular hair woe and haven’t been able to resolve it despite max efforts, we’ve got news. You’re probably not using the right products for your hair. But worry not, we’re going to help you understand your hair better. Bonus: to clear your confusion, we’re throwing in some hair product recommendations as well!

There are four major categories in which hair type is divided: straight, wavy, curly and coiled. All these textures have different needs partially due to the shape of the hair. Here’s how you can find your type and what you need to do to take utmost care of your mane.


Straight hair

Coiled hair

One thing that is very common in straight hair is shine. Thanks to the straightness, oils from the scalp can easily travel to the lengths of the hair and keep the strands looking healthy. Straight hair tends to bend and crinkle easily but don’t be mistaken. If your hair goes back to its original state in just a few minutes, you might hair straight hair. It can be thick or thin but there’s one issue that everyone with this hair type face - dullness! Straight hair tends to fall flat and look greasy very easily. Hence, if you belong to this hair category, you need something volumising.

Check out the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Coconut Water & Mimosa Volume Shampoo & Conditioner if you want some bounce. This duo is infused with natural coconut water and Moroccan mimosa to give you hydration and lend a divine fragrance!


Wavy hair

Coiled hair

Wavy hair is a mix of curly and straight. Identifying wavy hair is confusing. Some days, you might think your hair is straight and on some, you might see more curls. Wavy hair mimics the look of waves on the beach, hence the name. These are the easiest to style and have a nice bounce.

To ensure your wavy hair has the bounce and to deliver the right nutrients to your hair, use the Love Beauty & Planet Onion Blackseed & Patchouli Hair Fall Control Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s formulated with pure steam-distilled onion bulb oil which is rich in biotin, an essential nutrient for hair growth and health.


Curly hair

Coiled hair

This is often confused with wavy hair but there’s *one* dead giveaway to identify curly hair. People with curly hair will always have ringlets on the ends of their hair. Even the small baby hair on the nape of your neck will have swirls. However, curly hair can have intense curls or light rings. Usually, it lacks moisture towards the tips of the hair and needs the majority of help there.

To give your hair a boost of nourishment, you should try the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Murumuru Butter & Rose Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Combo. By now we all know the benefits of roses for hair. This combo not only makes your hair super soft and manageable but also adds a glorious shine and fragrance to your tresses.


Coiled hair

Coiled hair

This type of hair is super curly, almost like the results you’d achieve with a 1mm curling wand or smaller. Because of the extreme curls, natural oils from the scalp cannot reach throughout the hair. Hence, this type of hair is the driest and most delicate to deal with. It can benefit from topical conditioners and nourishing agents.

You need ultimate moisturisation and conditioning for this hair type. Try the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Argan Oil & Lavender Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s infused with moisturising ingredients like argan oil and natural coconut oil for ultra nourishment and hydration. The hand-cut French lavender lends a decadent scent to your tresses.

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