Are you still sporting the same hairstyle to college as you did last year? Well, not on our watch! The Diwali break is all the reason you need to switch up your look and there are umpteen ways to do that. And no, we are not suggesting a dramatic haircut.

Here are 5 cool ways to give yourself a mini makeover by changing your hair without compromising on the hair length. Read on.

college hairstyle makeover


What’s the easiest and cutest way to alter your look? Get the face-framing bangs. They suit most hair types and lengths, they allow you to experiment with so many styling options and define your face shape too. Pick from choppy bangs, curtain bangs and the adorable baby bangs depending on your face shape.   

college hairstyle makeover

Colour it pretty

A few streaks of hair painted in a striking neon shade or Ombré highlights in a lighter shade of your hair, is the way to go when you want to do something dramatic with your hair. It looks super chic and instantly adds an edge to your look. 

college hairstyle makeover

Add an accessory

Throw in a hairband or set your bun or braid in a colourful scarf. If that seems like too much work, just stack a bunch of studded hair pins or slogan barrettes to glam up your look for a college party or fest. 

college hairstyle makeover

Fake it till you make it

Love a cute bob but don’t have it in you, what it takes to chop off your long locks? No problem! Pull your hair in a faux bob by folding your hair and pinning the ends underneath. Also, for an edgy look, fake undercut by braiding one side close to the hairline and ta-da, you have a new haircut (for a day)! 

college hairstyle makeover

Try a different parting

If you thought that your hair parting had the least to do with how you look, think again! Try moving your hair parting to the other side and you’ll know what we are talking about. While a centre parting looks elegant and chic, a dramatic side parting adds a glam effect to your look.

Image courtesy: Pinterest