Achieve that sensational Korean glassy hair look by following our easy step-by-step process. 

It’s no secret that Korean trends are dominating the internet. We’re talking about their A1 skincare hacks, food recipes, online dramas and not to forget, the most integral - their popular skin and hair care methods. Taking the internet by storm is the sizzling hot glass hair wave - yes, you heard it hair. As the name suggests, this Korean hair tactic gives your locks that silky and luminous glass-like look. Wonder how? Well we’ve got you all covered - scroll down!  

Glassy Hair Basics  

A quick cursory glance on the internet will probably bring you to pages about glassy hair being a certain type of symmetrical haircut (usually a bob) that makes your hair look shiny. But we’ve got to ask, what’s really making your hair look glass-like? To acquire a glass-like shine to your hair for a polished and dimensional look, it requires the perfect wash, the right amount of steady heat and of course, it’s all incomplete without the right products.  

At the end of it, the glassy hair trend can only be achieved if your hair is in top shape because it needs to reflect light; if your hair is dull and damaged, it will have to be perfected for the magic to unveil itself. Therefore, if you notice that you’ve got split ends, dead ends or dullness, book yourself a glassy hair appointment or just DIY! 

Now make your way towards that enviable and compliment-worthy mane by learning all the unfailing steps in town...all you have to do is scroll down!  

Step 1: Hydrate your hair  

glassy hair woman hair wash

Long hours at the gym, well a glass of water will do the recovery. Similarly, if your mane is exhausted, some water and wash will be just enough to clean and revcover it’s lost charm! We suggest to keep your water temperature in check - use nothing but lukewarm water. Why? Well, because hot water damages the hair and cold water just doesn’t do what’s needed. Once you’ve got the perfect temp - it’s time for the magic sauce; shampoo. Along with which, you need the right TLC technique too. For starters, pick a shampoo that complements your hair’s texture and type. If our straight hair ladies are still searching the racks, we suggest the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo. Infused with the goodness of argan oil and keratin, this shampoo helps restore the keratin in your hair and also provides hydration and elasticity. To make it work its level best, gently massage it into your scalp for 2-3 minutes, without forgetting the nape of your neck (the most neglected area.) Once done, rinse it with lukewarm water.  

Now move onto the conditioning angle - super essential if you want the silky glassy hair finish. Allowing you to untangle your locks like a dream, the best mask and conditioner will moisture your dry ends and prep them for that incoming shine.  

Step 2: Bye Frizz  

glassy hair woman brown wavy medium hair spray

Next, get to the part where the heat starts. However, don’t just make your hair face the heat without any warning and give it that care by spraying the TRESemme’s Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray. Reducing the chances of any frizz and creating a protective shield around your locks, this superb spray makes your hair ready to face the heat. Once done, get the blowdry moving. 

To start with, blast dry your hair and once it's semi-dry, get the master of this project; the flat iron in action. 

Step 3: Heat It Up 

glassy hair woman brown long hair straightening

Now divide your hair into small sections and flat iron them slowly and firmly to achieve poker-straight hair. Take your time, don’t rush this process or you won’t achieve the desired results. Keeping an eye on those pesky frizzy hair, tame them all with a good iron. It will relax your mane and the smoothness the heat creates will give your locks a subtle lustre. To maximise it, all you need is our last magical introduction to achieve that glassy hair.  

Step 4: Seal It With Spray 

glassy hair spray woman

Once your hair is straightened, apply a generous amount of the TiGi Finishing Shine Spray to add that glossy, reflective shine to your hair. And viola folks, that’s the way to your glassy hair look. You’re good to go and flaunt your terresses on all those upcoming events.  

FAQs regarding How to Get Glassy Hair 

Putting your questions to rest  

Q1 Can I achieve glassy hair without applying heat to my locks?  

If you have super damaged hair from previous heat styling or chemical processes, we recommend avoiding this trend and focusing on nourishing your hair back to health first. Doing this will help it appear naturally shinier in the long-run.   

Q2 Can I do this trend if my hair is not freshly washed? 

To enjoy the look of this ethereal glassy hair, it is essential to have freshly washed hair as that’ll have no deposit or dirt.