How To Get Thick Hair Naturally

Written by Team BBJun 19, 2017
On your quest to thicker hair, you might stumble on a lot of hair treatments and remedies, but we've found that the ones that actually work are pretty simple. A few solid hair products and some natural changes in your lifestyle are good enough to promote healthier, glossier hair. Here's how to get thick hair naturally…

It’s the way you wash your hair

Rethink the way you wash, rinse and condition your hair and make sure you do it right. Washing your hair every day might actually be harming your hair in the long run by robbing your scalp of its natural oils. Also washing your hair with hot water causes your hair to dry out and get brittle, so make sure you opt for cold water instead.

Drying and rinsing habits

For thick and healthy hair make sure you refrain from artificial drying or over rinsing your hair as either of these can cause hair fall. Instead, gently pat your hair dry with a towel or a T-shirt and then allow it to air-dry. This simple, natural method of drying hair is easy and gives great results too.

Use hair products that prompt thicker hair

We couldn’t stress enough on the fact that the one answer to both, increasing hair volume and hair density is investing in a good hair product. And the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue enriched with strengthening qualities of almond oil and rose petals helps reduce hair fall. For a shampoo that prompts long and thick hair, we bank on Sunsilk Thick & Long that is enriched with keratin yoghurt Nutria-complex.

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