How To Give Your Hair Routine A Quick Remix

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 17, 2018
While we love our locks to bits, having a hair routine is a tricky thing. While some recommend being regimental with the oil massages and shampoos that we’ve used since our teens, others think otherwise. When a new season comes around, we always suggest a change in fashion, beauty and even haircare and there’s a reason why. There’s an urban legend about hair building immunity to products that are used constantly, thus making the benefits of such products futile. No one knows whether it is a myth or a fact, but over time, there are changes that affect your hair.

For one, mother nature. Just as the changes in weather give us chapped lips and prickly heat, it also leads to hair problems like dandruff and oiliness. To target any new problems cropping up, new methods and products are needed. Secondly, the consistent usage of products leads to a layer building up on your scalp. This layer of product build-up acts as a barrier for any more products used in the hair, regardless of their benefits. So how do you prevent these issues from before they make you pull your hair out? It’s simple - just follow these hair care tips.

Add clarification

Divide excess products

In today’s day and age when dry shampoo, heat protectant and hair setting spray save our days, they also lead to product build up. In order to break through the layers, you need to clarify your scalp. To do so with a natural hair care tip, you can mix a palmful of epsom salt with water to make a paste. Gently rub the paste all over your scalp and wash off with warm water. The quick route is with the Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Advanced Detox, which will get rid of any residue and greasiness as it leaves your scalp squeaky clean!


Minus damage

Divide excess products

Pollution, heat styling and dust all gradually break down our hair from luscious to limp. We’ve all heard it before so how do you remedy it? Cover your head with a scarf when you know it will be exposed to dust and heat. On a weekly basis, include the BedHead by TIGI Resurrection Treatment Mask when washing. It will strengthen and repair damaged hair and breathe life into it. As an everyday tip, cover your head with a scarf or a hat if you’re using public transport to avoid too much dust settling on your scalp.


Multiply natural methods

Divide excess products

You know what they say about mother nature being the be-all and end-all for everything. Whether it be hairfall or a limpness, there’s a lot to learn from the maker. Include a head massage with hot oil to nourish and smoothen your hair. A homemade hair mask with boosting ingredients is a homemade hair care tip that will enliven and energize your hair.


Divide excess products

Divide excess products

More often than not, you can survive without the large number of products that clutter your shelf. Cut down on the use of heat styling when you can avoid it and instead, opt for a damage free ‘do. Try to divide the number of products that you use by cutting down on items that aren’t required daily like setting spray and heat protectant and save them for a special occasion. Declutter the unnecessary procedures and products to let your hair breathe easy.

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