Tired of your hair looking flat and devoid of drama? The answer to this very common problem lies in giving your hair that added punch of volume so it looks happy and full of life. Here are various ways in which you can do that…

Get a voluminous haircut

If you’ve been struggling with lifeless hair and want the answer to how to increase volume of hair naturally, the perfect route would be to hit the salon for a haircut. To lend your hair some life, ask your hairstylist to go for layers. Opt for soft layers around the chin. This will add structure to your face and make your hair look voluminous.

Try backcombing

One of the easiest ways to add volume to your hair is by backcombing. Use a tease comb for this purpose. All you really have to do is hold your hair vertically away from the head and then gently comb your hair in such a way that it’s towards the head. Repeat this more than twice for more drama.

Wash away the dullness

If you wish to increase hair volume naturally, one of the best ways to give it that much-needed volume is by opting for the Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong and Abundant range. This range contains the shampoo and conditioner—both of which are infused with ginseng plant root. This means your hair will feel stronger and recharged, thereby looking more dramatic and voluminous.