When it comes to beauty rituals, layering your products is as important as picking the right ones to use. For instance, if you are layering your skincare and makeup products wrong, they might not be as effective and won’t give you the desired results. Similarly, layering your hair care and styling products is essential to ensure they do their job well.

Layering your hair products in the wrong order can weigh your mane down and take you a step farther from achieving your desired hairstyle. Here is a step-by-step guide for layering your essential hair care and styling products after washing and conditioning your hair.


01. Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner

Once you step out of the shower and have wrung excess water out of your hair, work in a lightweight leave-in conditioner on damp hair. They are formulated to get easily absorbed in your hair, nourish it deeply, repair damage and help untangle the knots as well. Evenly distribute the product in your hair by using a wide-toothed shampoo comb to minimise breakage and tugging.

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02. Hair serum or mousse

Hair serum or mousse

Once you have combed through your mane with a leave-in conditioning product, it is time to use a serum or mousse. These products help improve your hair’s look and texture. From fighting frizz to defying your curls, a mousse and serum can do wonders for dry and frizzy hair.

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03. Heat protectant spray

Heat protectant spray

After your mousse and spray, go straight in with a heat protectant spray. If you are air-drying your hair, you can wait for the hair to dry before spraying it. However, if you are blow-drying your tresses, make sure to use the spray while your hair is still damp. Wait for five minutes for the heat protectant spray to dry on your hair to avoid it from fizzling out while using your heat tools.

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04. Styling or texturising creams

Styling or texturising creams

Once your hair is nice and dry, it is time to go in with the heaviest products in your routine — the styling or texturising creams. These products are formulated to offer hold, manipulate the texture of your hair, and mould your mane into whatever style you want. They also offer more control over your tresses and add volume to you can try a number of hairstyles.

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05. Sprays or pomades

Finishing sprays or pomades

The last step of your routine should be finishing sprays or pomades to lock in the style you just created. Start with a smaller amount and keep adding as needed because overdoing it can make your hair feel crunchy and rough. Make sure to pick the right product for your hair type. Curly hair will need something that provides more hold, while those with fine hair needs a volumising product. Those will dull hair can benefit from a shine spray. NEVER use a finishing spray on damp hair as it will turn your mane into a greasy mess.

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