Sure. They're not sprouting out of your scalp. But they demand an exclusive hair-care regimen anyway. Yup. We're talking about hair extensions. You can't not look after them—unless you want to end up with matted hair. Dull strands. Or irreversible damage. Yeah, I thought as much. Don't worry. We've listed a few no-effort tips you can incorporate into your hair-care regimen to ensure your extensions last you longer. And look just as nice throughout.


01. Wash your hair

Wash your hair

You must wash your hair consistently. Regardless of whether you have extensions or not. Concentrate your shampoo on the roots of the extensions. And massage your conditioner on the ends to nourish them. Avoid applying conditioner on the roots—this can cause your extensions to slip, and eventually, come off. Lower the temperature of your shower. You don't want to strip your hair of natural oils. Pro tip? Stray away from products containing harsh chemicals. Cleanse your scalp and strands with a moisturising shampoo like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth With Argan Oil Shampoo. This one is suitable for all kinds of hair, and it is infused with lightweight argan oil to nourish your tresses thoroughly for shiny, smooth, soft hair, and keratin oil to repel frizz. Conclude with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth With Argan Oil Conditioner.


02. Don't sleep with wet extensions

Don't sleep with wet extensions

Your hair is brittle and weak after you've washed it. And tossing and turning in your sleep can harm your natural hair as well as your extensions. You don't want to wake up with a matted, knotted bunch of hair sitting atop your head, do you? And detangling them without loosening your extensions can put pressure on the bindings, and loosen them. Make sure you've dried your hair completely before sleeping.


03. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent dryness. You must avoid certain bedtime hairstyles though: top-knot, low-buns, and letting your hair down are options you must steer clear of. They can knot your hair. And the process of detangling can loosen the bindings.


04. Brush your hair carefully

Brush your hair carefully

Brushing your hair harshly can cause your hair to fall, and eventually, your extensions as well. Invest in a high-quality brush. Start brushing your tresses from the bottom, and work your way up toward the top. This doesn't put as much pressure on the scalp, hair, and extensions. Try brushing your hair before going to bed, after waking up, and before and after washing your hair.


05. Avoid heat-styling tools

Avoid heat-styling tools

Heat can damage your extensions. And no amount of deep-conditioning treatments can fix that. So, avoid heat-styling tools altogether.

Image Courtesy: @sittingprettyhalohair