Want to learn how to grow beard naturally at home? From exfoliating to massaging your beard, here are some quick tips on how to get the perfect look. 

All men have all been there with the dilemma of wanting to grow a full beard but not being too sure how to maintain it. A full mane is all the rage now from celebrities to influencers making it their signature look all year round. So, want to know how to grow beard naturally at home? Well, you’re in the right place.  

how to grow beard naturally at home man with black beard

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Beard basics 

While you may be envious of your dads sporting a full beard, it is no easy feat, especially in a tropical country like India. From acne and dandruff to itchy skin and ingrown hair, there are several beard problems. And that’s not counting the rare occurrence of lice or the embarrassment of getting food stuck in your beard in public. A stark grey hair also becomes a marker of ageing which can then lead to patchy hair if you go crazy with a tweezer to pluck it out and hide it. 

So sure, caring for your beard is a lot of hard work but when the result is as sexy as Ranveer Singh with his Maharaja-style moustache or Jason Momoa’s full beard, you’ve got to go that extra mile. Well, are you ready to learn how to grow beard naturally at home and take care of it? Here are a few beard grooming tips. 

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Beard growing tips  

Give it a trim  

You might have spent days growing that perfect beard but except for the winter season, an unruly look can irritate or cause itchiness. This is why it’s best to give your beard a trim. Also, don’t forget to comb your beard daily to encourage blood flow which helps grow the beard hair. 

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Wash daily  

Excessive sweat causes buildup and grime and can turn your skin greasy and acne prone. Make sure you wash your beard daily with the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash. Free of harsh chemicals, it has vitamin B and E for hydration while also deep cleansing your beard. Moreover, it is important that you also scrub and exfoliate your skin twice a week in order to keep bacteria away and stimulate hair growth. 

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Don't forget sunscreen  

You must keep in mind that the sun rays often break down hair cuticles making your hair dry and brittle. Even if you’re indoors, remember that the sun rays can easily penetrate through your windows and damage your skin and hair. Apply the Lakmé Sun Expert Ultra Matte Gel Sunscreen SPF50 to keep your beard smooth and soft. It is non-sticky and lightweight, making it perfect for Indian weather as it has an ultra-matte finish. 

Keep it moisturised  

Your beard tends to be coarser than the rest of your body if you don’t take care of it. This is why you need to moisturise it with beard oil or coconut oil. It will detangle your hair and keep your beard hydrated throughout the day. It even allows the blood to reach the hair follicles in your face and encourages new hair.  

Steps on how to grow beard naturally at home  

Nowadays there are all kinds of guides for skincare and haircare routine. But what about a routine for the health and growth of your beard? Apart from the usual beard-care products, learn how to grow beard naturally at home faster through some simple lifestyle tips. 

how to grow beard naturally at home Avocado mask 

Avocado mask 

If there are skin masks and hair packs, why can’t you have a beard mask to pamper the hair on your face? These packs usually have ingredients full of omega-3 and biotin that boost hair growth. Try out an avocado mask as this super fruit amps up the growing speed while also softening your beard all the while giving it a natural shine.  

  • Cut up one avocado and mash it till it is a pulp. 

  • Add two to three tablespoons of coconut oil and mix with the avocado pulp till it becomes a paste. 

  • Generously apply it all over your beard with a brush.  

  • Leave the paste on for 15 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly. 

You can apply this mask twice a week to your beard for best results. 

Find a stressbuster 

Did you know that stress is linked to hairfall on your head? So, similarly even your beard hair can get affected thanks to stress. Calming and relaxation activities give time to heal weak or damaged hair follicles and help grow your beard. Find a stressbuster that works for you whether it is yoga or walking. 

Healthy diet 

Your diet also plays a crucial part in hair growth. If you truly want a grand beard, cut down on oily food, carbs, sugar and junk food. Instead, add food items to your diet that are rich in vitamins and protein. Maintain a well-balanced diet with leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, fish, meat and grains to keep your beard healthy.  

how to grow beard naturally at home TRESemmé Pro Pure Damage Recovery Hair Serum

Rice water serum 

Rice water is an age-old remedy that women have been using in India to not only regrow hair but to also keep it voluminous and shiny. The fermented rice water contains amino acids that recover lost hair proteins and strengthen the hair follicles. All you need to do is apply fermented rice water to your beard for 15 minutes and then wash it off. 

If you do not have time for DIY remedies, you can also use the TRESemmé Pro Pure Damage Recovery Hair Serum as it is formulated with rice water. This mild product is free of harsh chemicals and is perfect for the sensitive skin and hair of your face. It also adds shine and smoothens frizz and unruly hair. Take a pump of the serum and apply it all over your beard. It also has sunflower seed oil so that your hair doesn’t break.  

Types of beard 

Now, that you have figured out how to grow a full beard, let’s start styling it. Are you tired of sporting the same old goatee or French beard? So if you’re a man who likes experimenting with your beard, here are some trending beard styles for you to try. 

how to grow beard naturally at home Hipster beard 

Image credit: @prideofgypsies

Hipster beard 

This needs a lot of patience because you need to grow a thick beard. It’s rather long, much longer than the full-grown beard. Usually worn with a pompadour-style haircut or long hair, this one’s definitely worth a try if you’re the brave kind. 

how to grow beard naturally at home Van Dyck beard 

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Van Dyck beard 

Named after the 17th-century painter, Anthony Van Dyck, this beard is achieved when you grow out your moustache as well as a beard but keep the ends pointy. But keep in mind that in this beard style, the hair on the cheeks are shaved. 

how to grow beard naturally at home Balbo beard 

Image credit: @robertdowneyjr

Balbo beard 

This one’s a lot like the goatee but it includes a thick moustache too. There are three sections around the moustache. There’s hair on the chin and a patch below the lips. If you still don’t get the idea, our fave Robert Downey Jr. has been flaunting this look for years now. 

how to grow beard naturally at home Short stubble 

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Short stubble 

Lazy boys, this should be your go-to beard style. Low maintenance and easily achievable, the short stubble is the most common beard style. It’s not too much, not too less—just the right amount of beard for you to look trendy! 

how to grow beard naturally at home English beard 

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English beard 

Also known as the ‘Gentleman’s beard’, this one covers your face quite a bit but makes sure your cheekbones are in focus. There’s a striking handlebar moustache and a lot of fuzz around the face but it is not as long as the hipster beard. 

FAQs on how to grow and maintain a full beard  

Does shaving make the beard grow faster and thicker? 

While this is a common myth, shaving does not help the hair grow back faster and thicker. All it does is make the tip of your hair blunt which makes the 5 o’clock shadow or stubble look darker than usual. 

Does drinking water help grow a beard? 

Drinking water is not directly related to hair growth but there is some truth to it. Water hydrates your facial skin inside and out, prepping it to grow a healthy beard. It also helps in transporting oxygen to your hair follicles which in turn encourages the growth of a full beard. 

Now that you know how to grow beard naturally at home, what are you waiting for? Persistence is key, so if you really want to sport a full look, create a beard-care routine from washing it to moisturising daily.