We are all fans of big, bouncy curls. But do you know what’s even better? Curls that last all day. Sweaty summers can make it difficult to hold your curls for long. Summers are also the season to have some fun with styles that’ll give your hair a sassy upgrade!

Be it ultra-feminine or girl-next-door or the quintessential diva look, curls will help do the trick for you. Wavy hair or curls have the power to take any look a notch higher. So, if summer is stopping you from taking the curl route, don’t let it! Here are some smart tricks that’ll help your curls last all day...

Don’t let summer steal the thunder from your curls

It all begins in the shower

The first step to making your curls last all day begins in the shower. Although it’s best to curl second or third-day hair (for enough grit and texture), certain measures can help you flaunt beautiful, defined curls that’ll last for hours. It’s ideal to skip conditioner after washing your hair. Conditioner makes the hair too soft and slippery, thereby making it difficult to hold those curls in place.

Don’t let summer steal the thunder from your curls

Avoid curling freshly washed hair

Having said all of the above, it’s best to not wash your hair right before curling it. This will make life easier! Because curls tend to hold better in greasier hair rather than freshly washed hair, it is actually best to start off with second or third-day hair. The natural oils that your scalp produces give your hair a grittier texture. This increases the chances of your curls lasting all day without you having to rely on any hair mousse or gel.

Don’t let summer steal the thunder from your curls

Hairspray is a saviour

Use styling products, such as a hairspray that’ll hold the curls in place longer, before, during and after curling. This will give your hair a rougher texture, which in turn, will help prolong the lifespan of your curls. Use the Toni&Guy SIBLING London Limited Edition Sea Salt Texturizing Spray that provides definition for waves and layers, and is suitable for all hair types. Remember to not hold the hairspray can too close to your hair. This will make your curls crunchy and heavy.

Don’t let summer steal the thunder from your curls

Pin those curls

One of the best tricks to make your curls last longer, is to let the curls cool down and set them. Pin up each fresh curl and secure its spiral shape. Cooled down curls will allow the hair’s cuticle to close and set in place. This method will make your curls last for a much longer period of time.

Don’t let summer steal the thunder from your curls

Let the curls fall on its own

Once your curls have cooled down, unclip them and gently shake the curls out. Never brush your hair or comb through the curls. Just run your fingers through your hair for a natural finish.  This will ensure that your curls last longer.