How To Make Your Hair Thick And Strong: Top Tips

Written by Lopa KApr 05, 2023
How to Make Your Hair Thick and Strong: Top tips

Every girl dreams of luscious, healthy hair that cascades below her shoulders. However, the scores of beauty tips for hair and long rows of hair products can make it seem quite overwhelming. Even though hair growth tips are a dime a dozen, the trick lies in zeroing in on the most effective ones. To learn how to make your hair thicker, you’ve got to trust the haircare experts. Thankfully, you’re in luck. If you’ve been wondering how to get thick hair for far too long, we’ve got the top six haircare tips for you to get the tresses of your dreams.

How to Make Your Hair Thick and Strong: The Basics

There are several causes for thinning of hair and hair fall. If they are brought on by external factors such as chemical treatments, a bad diet or stress, you’re in luck. No, wait here us out! This means it is reversible. But how to make your hair thicker and longer naturally? From massaging your scalp to a cold water rinse, there are several ways to strengthen your hair and regrow them. Let’s take a look.

How to Make Your Hair Thick and Strong


1. Use gentle hair products

If you feel like you’ve been growing your hair for ages and with barely any visible growth in length, you may want to take a look at your haircare products. Avoid ingredients like sulphates, parabens and silicone as they can dry out the hair and strip it of its natural oils. Instead, go for something like the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Paraben Free Volume and Bounty Shampoo and Conditioner combo. Since it is enriched with coconut water, it nurtures the hair from the root to tip and strengthens your strands. And instead of any artificial fragrance, it is loaded with actual Moroccan mimosas for a fruity and tropical experience. Use this combo to stop hair breakage as it makes room for the strands to grow to their fullest potential. Luscious locks, here we come!

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

Squeeze out enough of the shampoo to your palm for your scalp and mix it with a few drops of water. Shampoo your scalp thoroughly and after you rinse it off, squeeze out the excess water from your hair. This allows the conditioner to get better absorbed and do its job. Then, take a coin-sized amount and apply it only from mid-lengths to the ends. Let the conditioner sit for two-three minutes and wash it off.


2. Oil your hair

Nothing works better than a good old-fashioned oil massage if you want to know how to make your hair thicker. What you should pick is the right hair oil for the purpose. We recommend the Love Beauty & Planet Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang Hair & Scalp Oil. Enriched with cold-pressed coconut oil and natural aloe gel, it not only lends your tresses a luminous finish but also rejuvenates damaged hair so that new hair growth is healthy. On top of it, if you hated the coconut oil smell of your childhood, this oil masks it with the help of authentic ylang ylang flowers to lend a floral scent. Turn to this one for your next head massage and see a bounce in your hair! 

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

Free of any harsh chemicals, this oil is perfect for your hair. Take a generous amount of the oil and apply it to your scalp and hair. Massage well with your fingertips for around five minutes. You can let it stay overnight or wash it off after 30 minutes with a shampoo.


3. Get an ayurvedic massage for your hair

When in doubt on how to make your hair thicker, try out natural and ayurvedic remedies for the best results. The Indulekha Bringha Ayurvedic Oil is popular for its effects as it has been clinically-proven to grow out your hair while stopping hair fall at the same time. And it's all with the help of natural and hair-loving ingredients like bringharaj, amla, coconut oil and 10 similar herbs.

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

If you hate getting your hands oily or the messiness of a champi, then this oil is for you. It comes with a comb applicator which means you can easily apply and massage your hair with this oil without getting any of it on your hands. Just break open the seal and using the comb, apply the oil and spread it evenly. Use it three times a week and in four months you will start seeing the results.


4. Don’t overwash your hair

How to make your hair thicker if it is all damaged and brittle? Too much of washing can strip off the natural oils, so you need to have a gap between every hair wash. And when you are at such a stage, look for thickening and repairing haircare products like the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Since you need to stay away from harsh chemicals for a while, this combo works best. While it makes sure to keep your hair clean, it is also responsible for strengthening the strands with fibre actives. On top of it, the conditioner helps you retain the moisture needed to keep your hair strong and shiny.

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

See to it that there is atleast three days gap between every hair wash. If you have curly and textured hair, you can go even longer before it gets greasy and in need of some shampooing. Also, while using the products, don’t overdo it. Use the shampoo in layers. If you have short hair, use only a little bit of shampoo. If you have long hair, less than a coin-sized amount will do. If you think it is not enough, then only take a little bit more for the uncovered area. As for conditioning, less is more so never take more than a coin-sized amount of conditioner.

5. Avoid heat

Heat and hair are old enemies. And if you have delicate or fine hair, it will further damage your strands. Go easy on blow-drying and heat-styling tools. Also, stay away from hot water while washing your hair as it can damage the cuticles and make it frizzy. While the sun’s rays are known to provide vitamin D and get rid of dandruff from your scalp, you should also cover up your hair on an especially hot day.


6. Cold water rinse

While a warm bath can feel especially reassuring on winter days, make sure it’s not the last part of your hair-washing routine. Always end your hair-wash routine with a cold water rinse. This haircare tip will seal moisture within the hair cuticle so that the strands stay hydrated when you step out. Once you cleanse and condition your hair, tilt your head backwards and rinse your hair with cold water for a couple of seconds.

FAQs about How to Make Your Hair Thick and Strong

Q1. Can thin hair become thick again naturally?

If your hair has been damaged to the extent that it is thin and brittle, you can definitely restore it back to its natural glory with a carefully constructed hair regime from our tips above. But, keep in mind, if you were born with naturally thin hair, those strands will not thicken magically. There is no playing with genetics. What you can do is use a volumising shampoo, moisturise and have a healthy diet to stop hair fall and breakage, and maintain the volume of your hair. 

Q2. What food makes hair roots stronger?

Your diet also plays a big role in the appearance of your mane. So, here’s how to make your hair thicker and longer naturally. Eat a well-balanced and nutritious meal every day by adding protein and biotin-rich foods. Try out eggs, berries, spinach, sweet potatoes, fatty fish, avocados and legumes.

Q3. Does trimming hair help hair growth?

Well, yes and no. If your roots are weak and thin, then you need to turn to haircare methods that strengthen the hair from the roots. But if you have split ends and hair breakage, then yes, trimming hair helps. The more the split ends, the bigger the chances of your hair breaking and falling—something you absolutely don’t want when trying to grow your hair.

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