How to plop curly hair for frizz-free hair

Written by Sanya HamdaniOct 24, 2019

Curly hair has a mind of its own; you can’t really predict what it might surprise you with. You might have been in love with your curls last night and might want to shave your head this morning. Have you noticed your curls look smooth and defined when your hair is wet, but when it’s dry, there is no shine left, only frizz.

What you do to your hair between the wet and dry stages is very important to have a good hair day. This takes us to the curly-hair method of plopping. Plopping is applying your hair styler before moving on to the drying process and wrapping it in a t-shirt instead of a towel.

Step 1: After stepping out of the shower, apply your leave-in conditioner and any other hair product that you normally do.

Step 2: Lay out an XL cotton t-shirt on a chair or your bed with the sleeves end closest to you.

Step 3: Flip all your hair forward and place it at the centre of the t-shirt.

Step 4: Pick up and lay the bottom of the t-shirt above your head so that it touches the nape of your neck and completely covers your hair.

Step 5: Grab the sleeves, twist them together and tie a knot to secure your turban.

Step 6: Unwrap the t-shirt after 20 minutes, by this time your curls will have already started to dry with better definition and volume.

Why it works:

Towels are harsh and when you cover your hair in the harsh material, it stretches out causing frizz and dryness. Plopping is a much gentler way to dry your hair while maintaining definition and volume.

Image courtesy: Pinterest