You’ve been wearing your bobby pins all wrong. Here’s how to do it right!

Written by Fatema HabibOct 03, 2019

This hair accessory has been around forever. They usually come in a pack and we often lose them within a couple of uses… no points for guessing, we’re talking about good ol’ bobby pins!

Bobby pins are the ultimate hairstyle saver. PERIOD! From securing your hairstyle to making it last all day, bobby pins have got your back. However, some of the time, this tiny accessory is not as loyal as you want it to be. Firstly, they go out of sight faster than you can imagine, and secondly, they slip down your hair even before you step out the door. So, if you’re constantly losing your bobby pins, then just pray that they are happy wherever they are. But, if they’re slipping down your hair, then we’ve got a solution to fix this.

Wavy side down—is the correct way to wear bobby pins

You’ll be surprised to know that the correct way to wear a bobby pin is with the wavy side down. Yes, you read that right! Don’t feel bad, I’ve been doing this wrong for almost 27 years. But this trick just changed my life!

When you insert a bobby pin into your hair, make sure that the wavy side is against your scalp. This method will provide a better grip on your hair and your bobby pins won’t slide down as easily. Whereas, if you insert the bobby pin completely horizontal or downward, your hair will fall out of the pin.

Remember this the next time you’re gearing up for a party, and you won’t have your hair come undone on the dance floor.

Image courtesy: Pinterest