How To Style The Pompadour

Written by Chandni GhoshDec 17, 2016
How to style the pompadour
The pomp has long been one of the most popular hairdos for men. Remember how the king of rock n’ roll Elvis Presley flaunted his pompadour with utmost panache and convinced every man to follow him? And yet, till date boys have given it their own twist with the buzz cut pompadour or the Mohawk style pomp. If you’re a man who takes that extra effort when it comes to hair, here’s how to style the pomp...

pomp hairdo for men

Once you’ve got your pomp haircut at the salon, you need to know how to keep the style alive by styling it yourself. So once you’ve taken a shower, dry your hair with a towel but make sure it’s a wee bit damp.

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pomp hairdo for men

Use a round brush and blow dry your hair slightly. Brush your pomp from front to back and or diagonally based on how you wish to flaunt the pomp.

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pomp hairdo for men

Get your hands on a hair gel preferably one that will leave your pomp looking sleek and shiny. We suggest you rely on the Brylcreem Shine Protect Hair Styling Gel. Enriched with polymer, this product gives your pomp hold and shine for as much as 24 hours. Work this product into your hair starting with the sides of the pomp and then move at the top.

pomp hairdo for men

Next, expose the roots to the gel and start combing the sides and then the top. If you want if to be a puffy pomp, you must comb the front in the upwards direction.

pomp hairdo for men

Now that you have your pomp hairdo ready, get ready to flaunt this hairdo to a party or even a brunch date.

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