Are you unhappy with the natural texture of your hair? Do you reach out for your favourite hairstyling tools every time you need to step out of your house? Well, every once in a while, we all feel like flaunting hair that looks like you have just stepped out of the salon, but doing so regularly causes a lot of damage to your locks.

So ladies, to maintain the health and strength of your hair, it is really important to embrace its natural texture. If you think this means that you need to settle for hair that looks dull and boring, then allow us to correct you. Your natural hair texture has a charm of its own, provided you get a hang of how to work with it.

a hairstyling guide according to hair texture

Naturally straight hair

Most women crave to have straight hair as it is very easy to style and manage. But if you have naturally straight hair, you will agree that this type of hair tends to look flat and lifeless at times.

How to style: There are a lot of ways to style straight hair without the use of a curling rod. You can tie your hair in a wrapped ponytail to match a classy formal outfit. A half up half down braided hairstyle is another super cool way to style your hair. Hair accessories also make great hairstyling tools for straight hair. But this type of hair is usually super-silky and bobby pins and accessories would slide right off. To prevent this problem, spray a little bit of any voluminising spray before putting on the accessories.

a hairstyling guide according to hair texture

Wavy hair

We understand if you are constantly concerned about wavy hair, because this type of hair is neither straight nor completely curly. Since you usually find yourself in hairstyling dilemmas, here’s some much-needed tress talk to wear those waves without a hint of hesitation. And the best part? You don’t need a single hairstyling tool to achieve these looks.

How to style: One of the best and easiest ways to style naturally wavy hair without any heat is to tie them in a loose, messy ponytail. Messy buns and braids also make for great hairstyling ideas for wavy hair. Since wavy hair also tends to be slightly frizzy, we recommend that you start with applying an anti-frizz serum before styling your hair.

a hairstyling guide according to hair texture

Curly hair

Curly hair has perhaps been the most dreaded of hair textures. Freshly washed curly hair closely resembles a lion’s mane and can seem to be super hard to manage. But that does not mean you can’t style them. It’s time you change this mindset and learn how to perfectly style your curly locks.

How to style them: If you think that you need to straighten your hair each time you want to style your hair, then you’ve mistaken. The easiest way to style curly hair is to tie it in a low bun at the nape of your neck and loosen a few tendrils of hair from the front. A twisted half ponytail, crown and double space buns all make for really great no-heat hairstyles for people with naturally curly hair. Instead of opting for a regular hairbrush, consider the wide-tooth hair comb as a BFF for your curly hair. Also, work your way from the ends to your roots instead of the other way around.

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