How to style your hair without using heat styling

Humidity is here to make your hair stand on its feet! You know what that means if you are blessed with frizzy hair.
Well, one sure-fire way to fight the frizz this monsoon is by avoiding heat styling your hair. So ladies, put away those curling tongs, stop blow drying, steer clear of those straightening irons and embrace these air-styling techniques to style your hair….
Braid them for waves

Braid them for waves

After your shower, towel dry your hair, detangle it using a wide-tooth comb and let it sit for a bit. Apply a leave-in conditioner and separate your hair into three sections then braid your hair downward.  
Now allow your hair to dry naturally. Once done undo the braid for natural beach-esque waves!

Bobby pins for natural curls

Bobby pins for natural curls

Post your shower, towel-dry your hair and detangle it using a wide-tooth comb. Separate it in two sections using a side parting. Now fold the smaller section of hair in circular motion all the way behind and ten use a bobby pin to clip the smaller section. Start repeating this circular motion all over your hair until all of it is clipped back. Tie a satin scarf tied around your head for a few hours. Once your hair is completely dry, release your hair gently for natural curls.

A pin up bouffant bun

A pin up bouffant bun

Once you’ve showered and towel dried your hair apply some serum for texture. We suggest you try the Tony & Guy Shine Gloss Serum as it instantly adds shine and tames frizz to make your hair look glossy. Now to start with the styling, create a side parting and use the comb to tease the hair on your crown. Tease this portion of your hair to create a height or a bouffant bun. Smoothen the top of the teased hair and then secure it at the back. Gradually secure all the strands at the back. This will create a mess of bobby pins at the back which is fine. Let your hair sit this way for a while. After a few hours when you release your hair, it will be straight at the front and will have light curls at the back.

written by on Jul 03, 2018


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