Maintaining those tresses during the monsoons can be really difficult, especially when you have to travel to work in the rains. Your hair starts turning frizzy, looks flat and becomes all tangled up. But are only the rains to be blamed? While it is no secret that rain is the number one enemy of your hair, your mood and how you take care of your hair before you step out of the house have an important role to play as well.

The increase in humidity during the monsoons can result in your hair getting bonded on account of all the moisture, causing each fibre to fold back onto itself. This makes your hair curlier and frizzier. Many of your favourite hair care products may not work as effectively during the rains and leaving your hair loose or holding them back with a pin won’t necessarily help either. Here are some things though that you could and should do to take care of your hair during the rains.

1. Keep the moisture away

1.	Keep the moisture away

Letting the moisture stay in your hair during the rains can cause much damage to your hair. Carry an umbrella with you so that your hair doesn’t easily get wet. Even miniscule amounts of moisture left back in the hair can cause great harm. Make sure that you dry your hair after coming indoors if you feel they are damp or wet. To prevent this in the first place, try to not venture outside when it’s raining.


2. Keep them dry

2.	Keep them dry

Keeping your hair dry is the best way to keep your hair healthy during the rains. Make sure that you carry a towel with you always. This will help you keep your hair dry when you are outdoors. Ignoring all that moisture in your hair could cause it to become frizzy.


3. Avoid products

3.	Avoid products

Cosmetic products could be one of the reasons why your hair retains all that moisture. So avoid applying any products to your hair as much as possible. What you could instead use is a serum, if you really need some product to keep your hair intact. Or you could use a hairspray; the light coating of the hairspray will help tame your hair.


4. High bun

4.	High bun

Tying your hair up into a high bun could be another one of those go-to options for you during the monsoons. The top knot will perhaps become your favourite soon as well. This hairstyle makes it just about impossible to ruin even a single strand of your hair. So, be smart and save your day with a brilliant high bun.


5. Use a straightening iron

5.	Use a straightening iron

Even if you don’t normally straighten your hair, you’ll certainly need to during the monsoons. Make the straightening iron your best friend because it will help keep your hair proper and in place. If you’re a big fan of straight hair, this is definitely the time to flaunt it.


6. Sleek braids

6.	Sleek braids

Sleek and smooth braids are certainly in! Keep your braids sleek and smooth this monsoon, instead of opting for a messier braid style. This will help keep your hair in place and give it texture, as well as a clean and polished look. It is time you let go of your love for those messy braids and opted for a sleeker and much neater one.