FYI, those tiny, annoying wisps of hair located around your hairline are called baby hair and are annoying AF! No matter how you style your hair or the amount of hair spray you use, they just never seem to settle down. If you are someone who spends hours trying to tame their baby hair every single day, we feel you.

Hence, we’ve discovered a hack that will help you get rid of this problem for good. This unique technique will help your hairstyle look sleek and stylish all day long. Wanna know how? Scroll down…


What you need:

What you need:

Clear mascara or brow gel

Clean toothbrush

How to tame baby hair:

Start by styling your hair like you usually would. Once you’re done with styling, apply a bit of clear mascara or the clear brow gel on the hair, in the direction of the hair growth. Aaand, you’re done. It’s that simple!