If you find yourself incessantly smoothing your hair before picture time, listen up. Flyways can ruin your beautiful hairdo every time you step out of the house. You can’t be wearing your hair up all the time, and weighing your tresses down with hair gel is just annoying. While the best way to make sure your hair stays flyaway-free is to invest in a good anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, but if that doesn't seem enough for your stubborn mane, we’ve got a couple of tips to fix ’em flyways!

01. Quit towel drying

Quit towel drying

Air dry or grab a soft cotton tee to soak up excess water from your tresses after a wash. The fibres on a standard towel can be very harsh. Using them to rub off water from your hair can cause frizz and flyaways. You can also treat your damp hair with a volumising hair cream like the TIGI Bed Head Small Talk. The anti-static treatment will tame unruly hair without weighing it down.


02. Use hairspray with a toothbrush

Use hairspray with a toothbrush

Unless you’re going for a fully styled hairdo, hairsprays should not be your go-to for all fixes. Instead of using a spray all over your hair and then putting it up in style, simply style your hair first and fix small flyaways later. Just spritz some hairspray on a toothbrush and go over frizzy sections to lay them down. You can also use this trick to tame baby hair sticking out from your hairline.


03. Sleep with leave-in conditioner on

Sleep with leave-in conditioner on

Keeper of the fountain of youth, Jessica Alba recently revealed that she sleeps with her hair in twisties and a leave-in conditioner. Apply a nourishing hair conditioner and wear your in a protective hairstyle before hitting the sheets; this will help you wake up to frizz-free tresses in the morning. You can also use a lighter formula like the TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Frizz Control And Straightener Serum if you don’t want to apply a heavy product in your hair while sleeping.


04. Get acquainted with a variety of accessories

Get acquainted with a variety of accessories

If you still aren’t already using all the fabulous hair accessories out there to make your life easier, we are judging you. Coat a bobby pin with some hairspray and use it to secure those pesky flyaways. You can also cover up frizzy sections of your head with a ribbon or a wide headband.


05. Check your bag for quick fixes!

Check your bag for quick fixes!

A woman’s handbag is like a treasure chest; you will find a cure for anything in there, hair flyaways included. While on the go, a lip balm or a gel-based hand lotion can be used to slick down those pesky flyaways. Just make sure not to overdo it!

Image courtesy: Instagram