Since hair goals are a legitimate beauty aspiration, we’ve got quite a few lined up. Topping our list is achieving poker straight hair that’s sleek and frizz-free. We must admit—every time we tried it out, the results were rather unflattering. Sailing in the same boat as us and still wondering how to use a hair straightener the right way? Read this expert guide…

how to use a hair straightener

Step 1: Prep well

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; if your hair isn’t prepared for the styling process, no amount of salon visits can be of any assistance. That’s why you need to prep your hair right with the TRESemmé Ionic Strength shampoo and Conditioner. Created with positively charged ionic ingredients, this formula repairs damage and keeps your tresses protected while you are experimenting with a hairstyle. Once you turn to this duo; gorgeous, hair straightening will become much easier!

Step 2: Brush it off

Take a flat paddle brush and start brushing the hair a little above the roots till the ends of your hair. This will detangle any knots and give you a smooth base to start your hairstyle.

Step 3: Prep away

Before you use a hair straightener and starting the styling process, spritz your hair with a heat protectant spray to protect your locks from heat and damage. Using a hair straightener can rob your hair of moisture and to stay away from such hair woes, you must use a heat protectant that will help your hair stay away from any damage.

Step 4: Divide and straighten

The smaller the sections of your hair, the straighter they’re bound to be using a hair straightener. Hence, divide your hair into 3 strands with hair clips, the base near your nape, the midsection and the top and near your crown. Further, divide this into smaller chunks of hair where each section consists of hair that is an inch in width.

Step 5: Flat and fabulous

Choosing the right type of flat iron is crucial to the straightening process so opt for an ionic flat iron that’s made of ceramic or titanium material. Both of these allow heat to be evenly distributed and the ions help get rid of the frizz within the hair. When it comes to size, choose a regular sized flat iron for medium to long hair. For shorter hair, a smaller sized iron that’s easier to maneuver is a better option.

To straighten your hair, start by brushing the section with a rounded ceramic brush which is meant for styling. Starting from the root, move your flat iron towards the end, holding it on the hair for a few seconds. Work your way through the layers and sections of hair. It is a slow process but remembers, all good things take time.

Step 6: Seal it in

Once your hair has been straightened, don’t forget to seal your hairstyle in place with the BedHead by TIGI Maxxed Out Hairspray (spray it from about 10 to 12 inches away). With its massive hold and super shine, the hairspray will keep your hairdo intact all through the day.