We often assume that washing our hair with shampoo is enough for the lazy girl in us. But do we realise the harm we’re doing to our hair by skipping the conditioning part? A conditioner not only restores the moisture in our hair but it also slowly and surely repairs the frizz and flyaways. While it is imperative to use a conditioner, it is just as necessary to use it right. You might think using a conditioner is a basic beauty tip for your hair, it also needs to be used the right way. Yes, there is a ‘right’ way when it comes to using a hair conditioner and we’re telling you how…

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Know your hair type

Just because your friend is recommending a conditioner does not mean you can use it too. What we’re trying to say is that everyone’s hair is different in terms of issues and texture. This means that how you take care of hair and how you condition it needs to suit your hair type. Some of us have frizzy hair, some of us have thin hair while many of us suffer from hair fall. If you ask us, our favourite range is the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. The range is made with Oxyfusion Technology and is lightweight. Its oxygen-infused conditioning ingredients will moisturise your hair and add 95 per cent body and fullness—just the kind of conditioner you need if your hair has been feeling dull and lifeless lately.

Never apply conditioner on the roots

Conditioners are moisturisers for your hair and have no business being on the scalp. Moreover, it is the body of your hair that actually needs that extra dose of moisture because it often suffers from split ends. Moreover, if you happen to have an oily scalp, applying conditioner on it can make matters worse. Plus, your scalp is capable of making its own natural oils so it is best to apply the conditioner an inch away from the roots to the body of your hair all the way till the tips.

Let it stay on

Yes, we know all of us have chock-a-block schedules and are pressed for time. But that hardly means you don’t spend that extra time working on yourself and your hair. When you condition your hair, make sure you give it time to hydrate your hair. Allow your conditioner to stay on and let it work its magic on your hair. For very long hair, conditioner should stay on for an average of five minutes.

Wash thoroughly

Once you’re done using the conditioner and letting it stay for at least 5 minutes, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Extreme temperatures of water can cause damage to your scalp and hence, you should opt for lukewarm water when it comes to washing your hair. Make sure there is no conditioner residue left behind in your hair so your tresses don’t feel oily or greasy after the wash. Air dry your hair post the wash and comb it only after it’s semi-dry to avoid breakage and hair fall.