While straight hair might make for the hair goals of our dreams, curls definitely have their charm. The one major pain point about them though, happens to be the fact that they can be quite tiresome to tong. Well, they don’t have to be! That’s because we’ve gone the old school way and used velcro rollers instead! This’ll also ensure that our hair is kept away from heat (an excellent hair detox) which ultimately implies stronger and healthier tresses. Here’s is our step-wise guide to using velcro rollers to get curly hair…

But first, the rule for any kind of hairdo is the same—ensure that your hair is readied with the right routine as this enhances the quality of the final hairdo.

Our favourite go-to is the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner which is abundant with Keratin. As it is formulated to leave hair frizz-free and shiny, your silky, smooth hair will look gorgeous, regardless of which hairstyle you choose to try!
how to use velcro rollers img

Step 1:

Start by sectioning your wet hair into strands that are one inch in width.

Step 2:

Then take your tools i.e. velcro rollers (you can even use plastic ones or sponge twists) and place them at the end of your hair.

Step 3:

Next, roll the hair around your tool and continue rolling it inwards until it is resting on your head.

Step 4 :

Pin it to your head firmly and repeat for all sections of hair.

Step 5:

Once it has air dried naturally and you’ve removed the rollers, say hello to big vintage curls!