How Your Hair Ties Could Be Ruining Your Hair

Written by Shweta Vepa VyasOct 04, 2018
How your hair ties could be ruining your hair
If there’s one staple in every girl’s bag, it’s got to be the indispensible hair tie. From fancy hairdos to bad hair days, it’s been your trusted ally. But as it turns out, it may be doing your hair more harm than good. So, listen up, because here’s what you need to know.

Yikes! Did your hairline recede a bit?

Metal much

If yes, it’s probably got something to do with that hair tie. We get that you love those slick pony tails that you’ve seen on the red carpet often enough. But, pulling your hair back too tightly puts unnecessary stress on the hairline. Not to mention those headaches that tight hairdos bring on. So, if you must do a high ponytail, save it for a special occasion!

Drop the pressure

Have you been doing the same hairdo and putting your hair tie on the same place over and over again? While you may have noticed that ‘bump’ where your hair tie sits, the internal damage is far more than what you can see. With the pressure on the same part of the hair, day after day, the hair follicles get severely damaged over time. Also, putting your hair up in a tightly-wound bun can affect the texture and shape of your hair.



Metal much

From fishtail to boxer braids, we love them all. But your braid is doing your hair more damage than it lets on. A tight braid adds undue stress on the hair strands and can lead to weakening of roots, follicle damage, split ends and breakage. Opt for loose braids instead that are on trend as well as easy on the hair.

Wet woes

The damage of hair ties is bad enough on dry hair, so don’t even get us started on what they do to wet hair. Wet hair tends to be fragile and is more likely to split or break. If you tie your hair when it’s in this delicate state, the results aren’t going to be pretty. So, do yourself a favour and ditch that wet updo altogether.


Metal much

Metal much

What’s worse than a hair tie? A hair tie with metal fastenings! These tangle the hair, moreso if you have fine hair as it gets trapped within the fastenings. Don’t believe us? Take a closer look at that tie when you remove it. The number of hair strands on it are proof of the pudding!

Handle with care

While you can’t do away with your hair ties altogether, it would do you good to be careful while using them. Don’t just yank them out of your hair—it’ll only lead to more damage. Avoid them at night. And as a rule, give your hair a break from them every now and then—your hair will thank you for it!

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