Out comes the straightener, blow dryer or curling iron every time we have gotta be somewhere. While there’s no harm in wanting to look snatched all year round, you’re putting your hair through so much unnecessary damage. Of course, we’re not asking you to stop styling your hair once and for all. Instead, we’re asking to you limit the usage of heat styling tools and use a heat protectant serum every time you do style your hair. Why? Read on for all the dope on heat protectant serums and why you need them in your hair care routine.


Why are heat protectant serums necessary?

Why are heat protectant serums necessary?

Heat protectants act as a barrier between the styling tools and your tresses. They help lock in moisture making them especially important for those with bleach or coloured hair. Heat protectants also smooth and protect the hair’s cuticle while effectively retaining the natural oils and moisture of the hair.
When shopping for a heat protectant, look for ingredients like panthenol and propylene glycol, which act as humectants to keep away frizz and moisturise your hair and amino acids like keratin provide antioxidants. One of the best forms of heat protectants to use is a serum because hair serums coat your hair and they help protect your locks from heat and other chemical damages.


Which heat protectant serum to use?

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum

The TRESemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum, infused with camellia oil helps in frizz control and adds vibrancy and lustre back into your tresses while creating a protective layer between your hair strands and the heat styling tools.
As mentioned earlier, keratin is an amino acid we need to watch out for in our heat protectant products because it actively protects and nourishes the hair at the same time! Apart from protecting from heat damage, this serum also tames frizz, strengthens your hair and gives it a vibrant, silky smooth look.