No matter how much you hate ingrown hair, you can never really get rid of them completely. Ingrowth can occur anywhere on your body, from your underarms, to your legs to your arms.

Here’s a quick guide to getting rid of them, ingrown hair for all the good reasons...


#1 Exfoliate like a pro

#1 Exfoliate like a pro

Exfoliation is a sure fire way to remove any ingrown hair from your skin. Invest in a good quality body scrub. And scrub your body with it once every week to make sure that you get rid of them eventually.

#2 Spot treatment with salicylic acid

Use salicylic acid to soften the skin around your ingrown hair and break it down. This will eventually make the ingrown hair fall off from the body. Apply a tiny drop of salicylic acid on the affected area and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

#3 Use a cold compress

Use a cold compress to numb the area around your ingrown hair. What this will do is make the process of shaving the affected area less painful.

#4 Dry brushing helps

The best cure for ingrown hair is dry brushing. This will not only remove ingrown hair but also prevent them from growing again and will also release tucked-under ingrown hairs. Just be very gentle while dry brushing your body to make sure you don’t damage your skin.