A Stepwise Guide To Get The Inverted Twist Ponytail

Written by Swathi IyerSep 26, 2018

The manner in which you tie your hair can really change your whole look and vibe. Pretty hairstyles always make you look well-groomed and beautiful. But who has the time for elaborate hairstyles when you’re rushing to work, college or whichever commitments that beckon you every morning? That’s why we have ponytails! They’re easy, fun and look quite nice when done right! The all-new easy, 5-minute ponytail ideas come in real handy when you have little time to groom yourself and run out the door. Learn a few, and you will always be equipped to do your hair beautifully, in a jiffy.

Here’s your stepwise guide to an inverted twist ponytail:

inverted twist ponytail hairstyle look

  • Step 1: Begin with clean hair

    When it comes to any hairdo, it’s always a good idea to wash your hair and begin with a clean scalp. An inverted twist ponytail will look fabulous especially when your hair is silky and straight. For this, we trust the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner range that ensures your hair retains its shine and texture post wash

inverted twist ponytail hairstyle look

  • Step 2: Tie a loose ponytail

    Comb all your hair back neatly. Then tie a loose ponytail at the base of your neck.

inverted twist ponytail hairstyle look

  • Step 3: Make a hole

    Now, using your fingers, poke a small hole at the base of your loose ponytail, right above the elastic band.

inverted twist ponytail hairstyle look

  • Step 4: The ponytail goes through the hole

    Now gather your ponytail, and pull it, inwards, through the hole. And that’s it! Here’s your inverted twist ponytail! How easy was that!
    If you want to add a little twist to this supercool hair style, just pull your loose ponytail to one side, before twisting it through the hole.

    This no-fuss hairstyle works well for casual as well as formal dos and will go exceptionally well with your business suit!

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