That using sunscreen in your daily skincare routine is just as vital as cleansing, toning and moisturising is no news. But would you believe us if we told you that the reason behind your hair looking dull, lifeless and in complete disarray could be the fact that it is sun-damaged?

Well, according to a few experts, it is just as essential to apply sunscreen to your hair and scalp, as it is to your skin. But is wearing a hair sunscreen really that important? Are there are any other ways in which you can protect your hair and scalp against sun damage? If these are some of the questions you’re grappling with, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we are about to discuss this and a lot more. Read on…


Why does my hair need sun protection?

Why does my hair need sun protection

It is believed that when UVA/UVB rays penetrate the hair cuticle, it produces free radicals. This causes various problems such as fading of hair colour or a breakdown of the natural keratin, which leaves your hair looking super dull and damaged. Additionally, if you have a thinning hairline or a wide part through which your scalp is visible, exposing this area to the sun could lead to skin cancer (although rare).


Do I need to use a hair sunscreen?

Do I need to use a hair sunscreen

While it is okay to just about any hair sunscreen on your scalp, your regular physical one may prove to be a bit too greasy for your scalp. Therefore, a better option would be to look for hair care products that come with SPF. There are many leave-in conditioners, hair serums and other styling products that provide adequate sun protection.


Are there any other ways to protect hair against sun damage?

Are there any other ways to protect hair against sun damage

While hair sunscreens are a great option, they are not easy to come across. But by following the hair care tips mentioned below, you can easily protect your hair against sun damage.

  • Cover your hair with a scarf or wide-brimmed hat when you step out during the day. This is a great way to protect not just your hair, but also your face and neck from UV damage.
  • Another great tip is to keep your hair properly tied up when you are out in the sun. By tying your hair in a bun or braid, you can prevent your scalp from getting exposed to the sun and keep your hair colour from fading.
  • Sun damage can also leave your hair excessively dry and brittle. So, apply some moisturising oil such as avocado, jojoba or olive oil to keep your hair healthy and frizz-free.
  • When applying your usual sunscreen, ensure that you apply it close to your hairline, on and behind your ears, and at the back of your head for maximum protection.