Girls and their curls… what could be more precious! If only they looked as bouncy and beautiful as right after you had your hair done… Once we step out and the air/ pollution/ humidity attacks hair, it just seems to fall flat, get frizzy and never look the same!

But here’s no need to panic! We’ve got the low-down on just how to keep those curls in tact and bouncy for days on end! Listen up…

curls cool down to keep your curls looking bouncy

  • Let your curls cool down

    One of the best tricks to making sure your curls stay in place is to let them cool down properly before letting go of the curl.

    Here’s how – Take your fresh curls (still in shape) and hold them down in place with a clip or bobby pin. What happens is once the hair cools downs, the cuticle closes and sets in place, making that adorable curl last for a much longer time.

    (Tip: Incase you just don’t have the time to wait that extra 10-15 minutes for the hair to cool down, just run a blow dryer on ‘cool’ over the pinned curls. Yes that’s what the ‘cool’ button is for!) Seal your curls using the TIGI BEDHEAD Foxy Curls Extreme Curl Mousse to keep your styling in place.
  • No Scrunching

    Seriously girls, did you really think that scrunching your hair with your fingers was going to keep those curls looking cute for longer? Forget about it. Scrunching or touching hair curls only makes them frizzier and drier. Sounds like an old wives tale but nothing rings more true – the less you touch your hair, the longer those fabulous curls will stay in place. Instead rely on the TIGI BEDHEAD Foxy Curls Hi Def Curl Spray that not only defines curls but also separates them leaving them soft, bouncy and full of volume.

roll them up at night to keep your curls looking bouncy

  • Roll them up at night

    So of course the biggest worry for any girl with curls is how to preserve them overnight so they look as fab the next day. Well here’s what you do – get a set of old school foam rollers and roll up those curls before you go to bed. Try to get rollers with clips at the end so they stay firmly in place all night and you can go back to looking glam first thing in the morning!
  • Ban the brush

    However fancy your brush is – don’t even think about it. Brushing hair with curls will cause more frizz and could even damage the hair. If you want to detangle, use a wide-tooth comb and start with the ends. Comb out any knots at the ends, then go back to the roots and comb the entire strand as gently as you can. Curl intact. No frizz no fuss.

right cream to keep your curls looking bouncy

  • Get the right tools

    Want your curls to look neat and glossy all the time? Yes it’s totally possible. All you need to do is use the right shine and hold products such as the TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream that can defend your hair from humidity and add a sheen to your curls.

    So incase you’ve always wondered how those divas manage to keep their curls bouncy as ever on the red carpet, now you have a few clues! Just keep in mind these super handy tips and you’ll never have to worry about your curls falling flat or going frizzy ever again.