The harsh sun rays are going to end up causing some serious damage to your hair. From frizzy hair to dandruff issues, we’re going to have to deal with some challenging situations this season. But if you promise to take care of your hair you can save those gorgeous tresses! Want to know what they are? Read on to find out.

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Get that haircut

If you have split ends, it’s time you chopped them now! We get that you’ve been holding on to your precious locks all through but there’s absolutely no place for uneven, dead hair this season. So go short or for the love of hair or at least give it an even trim!

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Condition well

Your hair tends to get dry in the summer and one sure way to keep it moisturized is by never missing out on conditioning. We suggest you use the TRESemmé Hair Spa Rejuvenation Massageable Conditioner, which will work wonders during this season. This product is infused with hydrating mineral complex and soothes the scalp and gives you freedom from summer hair problems.

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Use rose water

Rose water helps tame hair. Your hair is going to be unusually frizzy this season so the best way to fight this is by applying some rose water after having shampooed and conditioned for your last wash. Take our word for it, we’ve been there, tried this!

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Say no to heating products

Styling your hair with heating products is a big no-no in the summers. The reason? Your hair is already facing so much heat and products like irons make it all the more dry and dull. So give up on the straighteners and curlers for now.

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Wear a pretty hat

A hat should be your best friend in the summers. It saves you from the sun and protects your hair during this season. If you want to make things more interesting, opt for one with a cool print.