Being a tiny part of the glamorous, Photoshopped, insta-filtered world, there are going to be days when you don’t feel the best version of yourself. Whether it’s the acne that won’t leave your skin or the unruly curls that won’t listen to you. We are trained to term these natural occurrences as ‘flaws’ and set unrealistic expectations for our body. However, Dove has set out to change all of this with their campaign #LetsBreakTheRulesOfBeauty and we at Team BeBeautiful can’t stop ourselves from supporting it!


How it all started…

It all started last year when the 'Dove Girls Beauty and Confidence Report (2017)' revealed young girls’ perception of beauty. According to the report, 72% of Indian girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful. Based on the unsettling statistics that came out of this report, Dove is urging young girls and women to not succumb to conventional beauty norms and embrace their natural selves.

No Digital Distortion

Dove also launched the ‘No Digital Distortion Mark’ that portrays and celebrates real beauty, the way they are sans any Photoshop or digital distortion. Over the past few months as a part of this campaign several celebrities embraced their natural selves by saying no to filters, Photoshop and revealing their ‘imperfections’ as the mainstream media would call it.

Some faces who support the campaign

Some of the most popular and talented Bollywood actresses have shown their support towards the #LetsBreakTheRulesOfBeauty campaign. Grazia in its August 2018 issue took a pledge of zero digital distortion and featured Radhika Apte without the use of any airbrushing or Photoshop tools. A first of its kind cover, it was very well received all over social media. The following month actress Shikha Talsania expressed her definition of beauty by opening up about her struggles with body positivity and how #LetsBreakTheRulesOfBeauty has been her life’s mantra. Taapsee Pannu too supported the campaign by talking about her struggle with unruly curly hair as a kid and finally embracing her natural beauty, in the November 2018 Grazia issue.

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Apart from celebrities, women from various backgrounds have come forward and accepted their natural selves while breaking free from the conventional rules of beauty. Join us as we embrace this campaign and redefine the definition of beauty. Together #LetsBreakTheRulesOfBeauty.