Long Haired Girls, Here’s How To Tame That Mane And Beat The Heat

Written by Team BBSep 08, 2016
Don’t we just love it when our hair behaves? But let’s face it – summer is going to be a time for bad hair days. While we’re going to find it tough dealing with sweaty scalp issues, there are a few hairstyles that can help you deal with the heat if you happen to have longer hair and aren’t daring enough to chop those locks. Not all of them might be easy but it’s certainly worth the effort. Check ‘em out!

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Top Knot

Don’t know about you but we’re going to be seen in this hairdo for the greater part of the summer. Why? Because it’s chic, fuss-free and will surely save us from feeling hot. Just take all of your hair and make it sit on the top of your head with a rubber band and bobby pins. It’s going to stay right up there while you run your errands and it’s going to be your saviour this summer!

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Faux Bob

You have an evening dinner planned but don’t want to leave your hair loose? Go for the faux bob! Not only will it add a vintage feel to your look but it will also make your hair feel good in the summer season. You’ll just need some hair spray, bobby pins and a bit of patience. So hurry up and go for it because your hair deserves to look stylish too!

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Braided buns

Braided buns are so pretty!  And that’s exactly why you must take up the challenge of trying this out this summer. Perfect for a formal do, this hairstyle is a great option if you don’t want to face the heat this season. But in case you want a simpler one, just braid strands of hair from both sides and pull it into your bun.

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If you are plain lazy and aren’t willing to try out the above given hairstyles, just go for the clean simple ponytail – the easiest hairdo you can opt for this season. If you want a twist to this, just make a high but messy pony with the help of a spray. Your hair will behave and it won’t even stick around the nape. Totally doable!

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