Have you ever noticed a celebrity with thin hair sporting a mega-glam voluminous look? Of course some makeup tools and hair tricks can add volume to hair, but there’s also another way to make your hair look thicker. It does not require any pricey hair treatments, just a makeup trick and some skills to redefine an uneven hairline.

Hair thinning can lead to bald patches as well as areas on the scalp that appear sparser than the others. But all you need is a little makeup to fix that. So pick your darkest brown eyeshadow (or one that’s closest to your hair colour) and a brush to get the application just right in just a few easy steps.

makeup trick that makes thin hair look volumnious

Step 1: Pick a matte shade that is closest to the colour of the roots of your hair (ideally one that is a shade or two lighter). You can even use your contour or bronzing powder for this trick.

Step 2: Using your contour brush, lightly fill any sparse or uneven sections of your hairline. Start from your hair and gently move towards the skin to avoid looking like you have makeup lining on your face. When you start with your natural hairline, everything looks more natural.

Step 3: That’s it; a re-sculpted fuller looking hairline in a matter of seconds.

Pro tip: You can spritz a little makeup setting spray to ensure this re-sculpted hairline stays in place all day long and does not melt away with sweat.