How To Choose The Right Men’s Hairstyle Based On Your Face Shape

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 24, 2018
How to choose the right men’s hairstyle based on your face shape

It isn’t just women who have a hard time picking the right hairstyle, men frequently deal with this issue too! With the likes of Zayn Malik and Virat Kohli giving the dudes constant hairstyle goals, it’s no wonder that men today want to find a dapper ‘do. The most fitting way to do that is by choosing a hairstyle that’s best suited for one’s face shape. So boys, once you determine the shape of your face, take a look at the right men's hairstyle for you.

For oval faces

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For square faces

For oval faces

A wide jawline and high cheekbones are tell-tale features of a square face shape. The advantage of it is its symmetry and killer cheekbones, which can be emphasised with the right hairstyle. We suggest an undercut fade with a strong side parting or a quiff on top. This hairstyle will focus on the lower half of the face while allowing you to play with volume on the top.


For oblong faces

For oval faces

Oblong faces are the most proportionate of all shapes as their jawline, cheekbones and chin are fairly symmetric. While most hairstyles work on this face shape, we recommend mid-length hair with a side parting and light stubble. However, skip a full-fledged long beard as it will make your face look longer.


For round faces

For oval faces

Due to their circular shape, round faces lack angles and dimension. However, don’t fear because the right men’s hairstyle can lend that to the face. If you have a round face, a pompadour and shaved sides can do wonders to add length to it and make it more angular.


For triangular faces

For oval faces

The distinctive features of triangle face shapes are its narrow cheekbones and temples, wide jawline and pointed chin. To balance its features, opt for a full, volumised hair on the top with a fringe or thick beard. This will disguise its sharpness and bring out the cheekbones.


For oval faces

For oval faces

In an oval face, the length of the face is long and the forehead is wider than the jawline. The best men’s hairstyle for an oval face is slick, short hair with a strong side part that will compensate for the roundness of the face with its angular parting.

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