Buns are a celebrity favourite - there’s so much you can do with buns and it’s the perfect hairstyle to sport when you want to flaunt your décolletage *smirking*. However, if you have silky, smooth and straight hair, tying your hair into a bun is not as easy as it seems. ‘Cause no matter how tight you twist your hair or many hair ties or bobby pins you use, the darn bun just won’t stay in place.

But fret not! We’ve found the perfect technique to a no-slip bun that will withstand the silkiest of hair. Wanna bet?


You will need:

You will need:

Brush Blow drier/ straightener Hair ties Bobby pins

How to create a no-slip bun:

Step 1: Start by brushing your hair to remove knots and tangles

Step 2: We are aiming for a sleek bun, therefore, use a straightening iron or blow drier to smooth your tresses and make it straight and even

Step 3: Now, part your hair horizontally and divide into two sections

Step 4: Twist the top half and secure into a sleek bun using hair ties and bobby pins. Then divide the lower section of your hair into two halves just below your crown

Step 5: Hold the left section in your right hand and the right section in your left

Step 6: Now wrap the ends around the bun one over the other. Secure with bobby pins and voila!