Our meals are incomplete without onions, aren’t they? While onions add taste to food, we bet you didn’t know that they’re just as important for hair growth and can make your roots stronger. Well, that’s because onions are rich in sulphur, which helps blood circulation. Moreover, the sulphur content in onions improves collagen production that makes the hair grow faster. Oh and eventually, onion juice will also help you stay away from scalp acne and dandruff issues! Want to the various ways in which you can use onion juice for your hair? Take a look.

onion juice and honey 600x400

Onion juice and honey

Take 1/4th cup onion juice and mix 1tbsp of honey to it. Massage this into your hair daily for about 10 minutes and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Honey is like food for the hair and keeps it conditioned while onion juice will save you from hair thinning. So simple!

onion juice and rum 600x400

Onion juice and rum

This one is ideal if you fear the smell of onions as soaking an onion in rum will make the it odourless. Soak the vegetable in a glass of rum overnight. The following morning, use this liquid to massage your scalp with. This will seep into your roots and fasten hair growth.

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Onion juice with yogurt

Juice an onion and add 1 tbsp of yoghurt. Apply this on the ends of your hair and the scalp. Leave this on for about 45 minutes. Yoghurt keeps the hair moisturised while onion juice will repair damaged hair.