It’s no surprise that the things that look the easiest are often the hardest to achieve. That holds true for most things in fashion and beauty. The nude look employs a lot of product, the perfect face has a fair bit of concealer and the out of bed look obviously takes quite a bit of effort. We made a list of the things to keep in mind while working on an Out of Bed Look.
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Get the look: Night time
Wash your hair and run your fingers through the strands to get rid of knots. If they’re too tough, use a wide toothed comb for assistance. Rub in some Bed Head Ego Boost leave in conditioner and let your hair dry on its own (or with a towel around your head) without the use of artificial heat. The next morning you’ll wake up with locks that are oozing with volume, texture and supermodel worthy waves.

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Get the Look: Day Time
Shampoo and condition your hair the way you usually would and towel dry. When it’s a bit damp, rub in some serum throughout your locks, tie your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck and go about your business as usual. Unless your hair is super thick, it will dry on its own and when you finally take off the rubber band you’ll be left with wonderful waves of fresh out of the bed hair. Secure these in shape and place by misting some Sugar Shock into your hair for a totally tousled look.

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Keep in Mind: Styling Products
Remember that your overall hair look will be affected by the styling products you use so make sure they’re tailor made for your hair type. “I prefer longevity when it comes to this style, so we need to prepare our hair well. I love shampooing and conditioning with Styleshots Epic Volume because it adds volume, texture and bounce as well,” says TIGI Global Expert, Aislinn Trodden. It also keeps the moisture out to ensure that the just out of bed hair looks the same all day without getting frizzy.

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Keep in Mind: Roots to Tips
Unless you’re combing your hair, the general theory is to go from bottom to top. This means starting at the roots and then moving outwards. It holds especially true when it comes to colouring and drying your hair. Abide by the rule and you’ll be saving yourself some serious parching and frizz. We swear by Spoil Me to smoothen our locks and for frizz control. If you don’t have the time for a hair wash, prep your hair with the Bed Head Sugar Dust Micro Powder that absorbs excess oil and adds volume.