Hair smoothening price can vary from area to area but generally hair smoothening costs hefty money. While hair smoothing can amp up your hair in an instant, there are some side effects to it. Many people tend to lose hair after hair smoothening and you can never tell which way it would go for you. To save your hair, money and time, we’ll help you with a few hacks to keep your hair looking like you’re fresh out of your hair smoothening session!  


Permanent Silky Hair: The Basics  

Hair smoothening is a chemical process that works by breaking down the protein bonds in our hair and restructuring them in a more manageable way. This gives the hair a much sleeker, shinier and smoother appearance. While the results are to die for, this can cause extreme hair loss. As the bonds are broken and rearranged, there are chances that the new bonds don’t align well together — kinda like a jigsaw puzzle that’s been rearranged. If you’re sceptical about getting this procedure, here are a few ways you can get salon-smooth hair with a few hacks.  


1. Have a Healthy Hair Care Routine 

Permanent Silky Hair at home

Start treating your dry hair at the roots. Use shampoos that contain moisturising and hydrating properties to help your hair from within. Humectants, emollients and moisturising agents don’t just benefit your skin, these also work well on your hair. Look for mild shampoos that can cleanse the gunk and build up on your scalp and hair, while also adding a boost of softness to your dry hair.  

Post-shampooing, use a nourishing conditioner. Never skip conditioner after shampooing your hair. Conditioners smoother the cuticle of your hair and give it a softer feel and appearance. Leave it on all over your lengths and rinse it off Conditioners are made to keep hair soft, silky and combat tangles. Unnecessary and excessive tangles can cause breakage and frizziness. If you have a sensitive scalp, it can also cause headaches if your strands are tugged by the knots.  

Rely on our favourite duo to give you salon-like smooth hair with every wash. The Dove Daily Shine Shampoo And Dove Daily Shine Conditioner combo works beautifully on all hair types and delivers smooth as silk hair after every use. The shampoo is enriched with nutritive serum that forms a protective layer around the hair and makes it lustrous. Both these products work effectively and give your hair a better appearance from the first use. The conditioner is lightweight and does not make your hair look greasy or flat. All in all, this duo is your budget-friendly way to hair smoothening!  


2. Protect and Prevent Damage

Permanent Silky Hair at home

Prevention is better than cure. It’s always better to take care of your hair than to try to fix what’s broken. There are various ways you can keep your hair healthy and shiny. First and foremost, avoid using heat on your hair. Heat can damage hair by burning your ends. This leads to roughness, split ends and dryness. In severe cases, the ends are so far burnt that it causes stunted growth.  

But when we say avoid heat, we don’t just mean straighteners or curlers. Hot water can be your hair’s worst enemy. It sucks out all the moisture and causes scalp irritation. Try washing your hair with cold or lukewarm water instead. Washing or rinsing your hair with cold water helps seal the hair cuticles and gives you smoother and shinier hair. It also helps in retaining moisture and natural oils in the hair to combat dryness and frizz. Cold water can also increase your blood circulation in the scalp which further contributes to healthier hair growth. 

If you have a low tolerance to cold water, you can also give your hair a cold-water dip at the end of your hair wash session. Simply hold your hair in a mug of cold water for a few minutes. This should help your hair restore some moisture and prevent dryness.  

However, if you must use heat on special occasions, make sure to use heat protectants and serums. Heat protectants form a film between your hair and ironing plates to ensure your hair’s bonds aren’t getting fried. Whereas serums keep your hair manageable while also nourishing your ends.  

Our final tip to avoid damage is to steer away from harsh chemicals and excessive colouring. We know hair colours are super fun and the easiest way to switch up your entire look, but they cause more harm than good. Most hair dyes contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that go deep into the shaft and strip the hair of natural oils. This leads to dryness, breakage and overall brittle hair. The dryness also causes hair to look dull and the lustre vanishes. 


3. Feed your hair with nutrients

Permanent Silky Hair at home

Your diet has an impact on everything – including your skin, hair and overall beauty. Make sure to include omega-3, protein and vitamins in your diet. These include meat, eggs, tofu, seasonal veggies and fruits and don’t forget lots of water for hydration. A balanced diet plays a vital role in helping your hair grow.  

You can also try supplements for an additional boost, however, always check with a dermatologist or doctor beforehand.  


4. Maintenance Tips for Silky Hair 

Permanent Silky Hair at home

It's equally important to topically nourish your hair. You need to use hair products that work well for your hair type and texture. Hair oiling is an age-old technique to maintain healthy, thick and long hair and we cannot get enough of it!  

Oil your hair once or twice a week and give yourself a head massage till the hair is almost completely absorbed. Hair oils have been trusted for generations and for all good reasons. They moisturise the hair from deep within, keep the scalp nourished and help prevent flakiness. They restore shine and softness that can easily be lost due to pollution or heat styling. Our favourite hair oil for a at-home spa day is the Indulekha Bringha Oil. This is a 100% ayurvedic hair oil that works like medicine on thinning and dried out hair. It’s a perfect blend of bhringraj, amla, vatadha, svetakutaja, virgin coconut oil, etc. It helps relax with its soothing properties while every oil seeps in and delivers its individual advantages to your hair. You can keep this in your hair for about an hour up to overnight before rinsing it off.  

Besides these, make sure to get regular trims to get rid of split ends and dry tips. Damaged ends of the hair have no chance of being revived so your best bet is to get rid of them. Visit a professional for the same and don’t attempt to cut your split ends off by yourself.  

However, to prevent split ends from occurring frequently, try getting yourself a satin pillow cover. Satin is a soft, slippery material that minimises the friction between our hair and the pillow as we sleep. It’s also super soft so your hair does not experience any tugging or breaking as you toss and turn in your sleep. The elimination of hair breakage can prevent split ends to a great extent.  

Our final tip (for now) would be to invest in a paddle brush. Paddle brushes are not only extremely quick to remove knots from hair, but they are also gentler than normal combs in comparison. The wide bristles break apart tangles without any struggle and keep your hair smooth. 


FAQs about Permanent Silky Hair: Effective Techniques for Long-Lasting Smoothness…  

Q1: Does the type of brush I use affect the smoothness of my hair? 

Yes, the type of brush you use can impact the smoothness of your hair. Natural bristles work the best for fighting frizz. Plastic brushes can charge your hair strands with static electricity and cause instant yet temporary frizz.  


Q2: Can I use a hair mask all over my hair for smoothening?  

It’s not advisable to apply hair masks on the roots. The thick texture might make your hair look flat and greasy. However, always follow the instructions mentioned on your product for the best results.  


Q3: How often should I get my hair smoothened?  

Your hair treatments depend on your hair type and condition. Generally, hair smoothing lasts for anywhere between weeks to a few months. Always consult your hairstylist for your next sitting.