Haircuts and hair colouring is the job of an expert and it should never be tried at home — at least, that’s what we’ve grown up believing. However, the pandemic went on to change our views on a lot of things, hair care and styling included. Cutting your own bangs became a common practise during the lockdown, so much so that #QuarantineBangs went on to become a huge trend on Instagram. Women also turned to quirky box dye colours to kill boredom and switch up their looks.

With women taking hairstyling and hair care in their own hands, we can expect a myriad of changes post the pandemic. Here are five hair trends that are going to be everywhere.

post pandemic hair trends

Switching to eco-friendly hair care products

As we are beginning to realise the importance of natural and environment-friendly products, the demand for environmentally conscious hair care products is on the rise. What this means is that every product in your routine has been tested and evaluated for being clean, contains ethically derived ingredients and is free from toxic ingredients. We understand reading labels is not the easiest task and every other product claims to be ‘all-natural’ on the packaging. Therefore, it's best to find a brand that practices clean beauty and develops environmentally conscious hair care products; the Love Beauty & Planet is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that uses ethically sourced ingredients and comes in 100% recyclable plastic bottles.

post pandemic hair trends

Flaunting natural hair texture

Women who used heat styling tools every single to switch up their hair looks have resorted to wearing their natural hair during the lockdown. As the use of heat styling tools reduced, women started to notice a dramatic improvement in the health of their tresses — thus giving them the confidence to flaunt their natural hair more often.

post pandemic hair trends

Turning to DIYs and at-home treatments for hair woes

With all the free time on hand due to the lockdown, a variety of treatments that were once reserved for professionals, women are now trying themselves. DIY methods like hair masks, scalp scrub and hot oil massages became common practice. This trend will continue to rise due to the amazing results women have noticed during the lockdown and also because it’s cost effective and uses natural ingredients that don’t damage the tresses.

post pandemic hair trends

Heatless hair styling for the win

If properly cared for, our tresses can look great even without the use of heat styling; in fact, a lot of hairstyles can be achieved without the use of heat styling tools. Several women have realised this during the lockdown; therefore it wouldn’t be wrong to predict that more and more women will be turning to styling hair without the use of heat styling tools. Are you one of them?

post pandemic hair trends

Embracing the greys

From letting our hair grow out to taking matters into our own hand and giving ourselves (and others) a haircut, we’ve done quite the experimenting during the lockdown. This period has also made a lot of women, celebrities included, get comfortable with flaunting their grey hair. With the surge of pictures on social media where more and more women are showing off their grey hair, we won’t be surprised if it becomes a major hair trend post the pandemic.