A Ready Guide On How To Stop Hair Fall & Baldness

Written by Dayle PereiraFeb 25, 2019
A READY GUIDE ON How to Stop Hair fall & Baldness

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and analysed the way you look up close? We've all done it at some point or another. While some days see bright skin and bouncy hair, other days aren’t quite as reassuring. On days like these, the mirror tells you that your hair looks thinner while your pillow confirms the fact that your hair is, in fact, falling.

The average individual has hair fall averaging around 100 - 200 strands per day. However, when suffering from alopecia or hair loss, the amount of hair that’s lost is much more. If you find hair strands on your pillow, on your shoulders or in your hairbrush very frequently, it's possible that you are suffering from it. The causes of hair fall range from medication and stress to menopause and hereditary factors. But before you have a full fledged meltdown about this, let us tell you that how to stop hair fall and baldness are manageable. If you're currently wondering about hair fall control, just refer to this extensive guide...




Go coconuts!

The coconut has brought us many gifts—fresh water, nourishing oil and coconut milk. With an abundance of healthy fats and Vitamin E, pure coconut milk nurtures the hair tissue and encourages the growth of new hair. To use it in a hair mask, first blend the flesh of the coconut until it forms a thick paste. Then squeeze the milk out of the paste. Massage the milk onto the scalp and leave it in the hair for 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and repeat it twice a week. A recommendation for falling strands is the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Rose & Almond Hair Oil which moisturises the tresses and prevents breaking and falling.


Sulphur for your scalp


The next time you’re chopping onions and garlic pods for a curry, save some for your hair! Both these vegetables contain a great deal of sulphur, they are ideal for hair that’s falling and breaking. Sulphur boosts collagen production, which in turn prevents hair loss. To make a sulphur-rich hair mask, squeeze the juice out of one finely chopped onion and garlic pod and keep them aside separately. Place the garlic juice on medium heat, mix a few drops of coconut oil in it and bring it to boil. Once it has cooled down, add onion juice to it. Massage this mixture into your scalp and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then use the Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo to wash it so that your hair is cleansed without too much chemical damage.

Oil massage

Hair fall can be one of the most dreaded hair problems. This is why you need to rely on the Ayush Hair Poshak Oil that contains Ayurvedic ingredients like amla, rosemary, til oil and neem. It prevents breakage and fights dandruff along with promoting hair growth.




Arrest the styling

Don’t go overboard on the heat styling. Especially for locks that are prone to hair fall, heat emitted by such tools can damage the hair when used too often. Hence, it’s crucial to restrict the usage of heat tools and instead, style without heat.

Change your diet

Don’t forget that your diet also affects the health of your scalp. Hair fall is also caused by a deficiency of iron, zinc, silica, vitamins A and B so fight this by including foods like spinach, eggs, carrots, walnuts, onions and strawberries in your diet.

Hair grooming

Don’t ignore grooming your hair. When your tresses are left unattended, the hair shaft and root weakens which gradually leads to hair fall. Don’t let this happen to you by keeping a keen eye on how often you groom your hair. Get a trim every couple of months, condition it often and use a hair pack to keep your hair shaft sturdy against any harm.

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