Losing hair is so normal for us women that it is a part of your everyday life. Well, statistically speaking, on an average, a woman loses about 80-90 hair strands each day.

Things however turn ugly when you start losing more hair than you should. And trust us when we say this if we start listing the possible reasons behind it—the list will never end. From your genes to your everyday lifestyle habits, there are many things you can blame for shedding your hair.

We’ve listed down 12 reasons for hair loss that triggers excessive. Read on to find out what it is that is making you shed...


#1 You are suffering from hormonal imbalance

Reason for hair loss - You are suffering from hormonal imbalance

One of the most important triggers to hair fall is hormonal imbalance. Your hormones play a very important role in your hair growth cycle. Not only do they promote hair growth, but also keep your hair healthy and lush. If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, the first thing that gets affected apart from your skin and mood is your hair.


Losing too much hair is not normal. Consult a doctor and get yourself checked whether you are suffering from imbalanced hormones or it is due to PCOS. If you are diagnosed with PCOS, your androgen levels tend to go high and that leads to excessive hair loss. In such a case, you can go for medication but also make sure you work out.


#2 You are stressed

Reason for hair loss - You are stressed

Believe it or not, too much stress also a triggers excessive hair loss. Your androgen levels go up which lead to hair fall. Not just this, too much stress may also initiate scalp problems like dandruff, which have a highly negative impact on your hair.


The best way to reduce and tackle stress is to go for a head massage and hair spa regularly. This will not only help you release stress but also remove any toxins from your body. Apart from this, it rejuvenates and stimulates hair growth too.


#3 You are using the wrong shampoo

Reason for hair loss - Using the wrong shampoo

Shampoos play a very important role in deciding the overall health of your hair. If you pick the wrong shampoo with wrong ingredients, chances are that you'll end up having more hair fall than usual. Shampoos with harsh chemical formulas are a big no because they are very strong for your scalp. They make your scalp weak and further aggravate hair fall.


Switch to chemical free and organic formulas instead. One shampoo that we’d suggest is the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo. It has very mild ingredients that do not damage your scalp and prevents hair fall.


#4 You are a chain smoker

Reason for hair loss - Chain smoker

Smoking is a big no if you’re suffering from excessive hair loss. Apart from damaging your lungs, skin and health—smoking also takes a toll on your hair. It makes your hair weak, brittle and prone to shedding. Not just this, it also damages the health of your scalp. You won’t even realise when your hair has become half of its current volume due to shedding.


Curb smoking at all costs if you want healthy mane. Start giving up slowly, but try to quit it completely overtime.


#5 You are overdoing heat styling

Reason for hair loss - Overdoing heat styling

If you love your hair styling tools, we have some bad news for you. Heat tools, like a hair straightener, blow dryer or a curling wand, damage your hair like no one’s business. They make your hair thin, brittle, weak and prone to breakage. Along with all of this, heat tools make your scalp weak and promote hair loss. Pretty irritating, isn’t it?


Try staying away from heat tools as much as possible. Switch to heatless styling options instead. If not, then always use a heat protectant spray and serum before using a heat style tool. We suggest you go for the Toni & Guy Heat Protection Spray. This way you can still style your hair and guard it from the excess heat.


#6 You are anemic

Reason for hair loss - Anemic

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is iron deficiency. Iron, being one of the most essential components in producing hair cell protein, it is a must for maintaining a healthy mane. And obviously, without it, your hair will suffer a lot. If you’re anemic, chances are that you’ll suffer from a severe hair loss phase.


Try to eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables that promote blood growth in the body. Visit a physician and get yourself some certified supplements. Make sure you do all this under some supervision, for obvious reasons.


#7 You are not oiling your hair

Reason for hair loss - Not oiling your hair

Oiling your scalp is a must, no matter what. Just like your skin, your hair needs that extra care and pampering too. Not getting regular oil massages will only make your scalp dry, flaky and weaken your hair follicles. On the contrary, oiling your hair releases all the stress and boosts the blood circulation in your scalp and promotes hair growth.


Give yourself a good hot oil scalp massage for 15-20 minutes at least once a week. You can go for Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil, as it is known for rejuvenating the scalp the most. Not only does it reduce hair loss, but it also promotes hair growth, eliminates dandruff, hydrates your scalp and keeps it very healthy.


#8 You are binging on fried food

Reason for hair loss - Binging on fried food

Trust us you guys, fried food is an absolute NO if you’re troubled with excessive hair loss! Fried food does nothing other than heating up your body from inside. And obviously, your hair and skin get affected the most by it. Oily food makes your scalp flaky, hair dry and weakens your hair follicles. It not only promotes hair loss but also damages the quality of your hair too.


Start eating clean if you are done with your hair fall problem. Instead of binging on fried food, try and switch to healthier options instead. Toss yourself some fruit or chicken salad rather than eating fries. This will not only improve your hair quality but also prevent you from gaining some unwanted pounds.


#9 You are taking hot showers

Reason for hair loss - Taking hot showers

Hot showers, without any second thought, are so peaceful. But if you constantly keep on washing your hair with hot water, it will eventually dry out your hair and scalp, thus making your hair brittle, thin, weak and very prone to shedding. Not just this, taking hot showers also washes off the natural oil from your scalp and disturbs the balance of the health of your hair scalp. Hence, promoting hair fall!


The only solution to this is to stop taking hot showers at all. Try to take bath with lukewarm water instead. And if possible, switch to normal water showers because it does wonders to your hair.


#10 You are using the wrong pillow cover

Reason for hair loss - Using the wrong pillow cover

Yes, it does matter. Sleeping on a pillow cover made of a wrong fabric, like cotton and polyester, leads to hair fall. This is because your hair gets tangled while you’re sleeping due to the rough fabric. And no matter how carefully you brush your hair, you have a lot of hair fall.


Make it a habit to sleep on silk pillow covers as they are the best. They prevent your hair from getting tangled, hence preventing hair loss.