Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution For Healthy And Strong Hair

Written by Team BBJul 06, 2023
Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair

Did you know, red onion is a superfood for your hair? While it serves as a flavourful essential in most of our food items, we can never eat an adequate amount to boost our hair growth. And applying onion juice straight to hair? No way with that smell! That’s where red onion shampoos come into the picture. Red onion hair shampoos have been all the rage these past few years because people have started seeing the benefits of this little vegetable. Now we know red onion shampoo helps our hair, but how exactly? Let’s explore the advantages together.  


Red Onion Shampoo: The Basics  

Red onions are rich in manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, biotin, copper and more. While a lot of people know about the effects of biotin on hair, all the other elements also help your hair. However, they benefit us most with their antioxidant properties. Red onions are full of antioxidants, particularly quercetin, which protects our health from various troubles. When applied to the scalp, your pores absorb the goodness and use all the elements to make your hair better.  

If you’re wondering how to treat your hair with the benefits of red onion, we’re listing down the benefits and products below that you need to check out today! 

1. Stimulates hair growth

Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair

Onion oil or onion juice can be beneficial for hair fall concerns due to its sulphur content. Sulphur plays a vital role in the rejuvenation of our hair follicles. Sulphur is found within amino acids, which are components of protein. Proteins — and especially keratin, which is known to be sulphur-rich — are needed for growing strong hair. To break it down: amino acids contain sulphur aka the building blocks of proteins. Sulphur is a crucial pillar in the formation of proteins, including keratin. We all love keratin for hair, don’t we? It is renowned for its sulphur content and keratin is an essential component for the growth of strong and healthy hair.  

Onion-infused hair care products promote hair growth and help reduce hair breakage. The boost in growth minimises hair breakage and prevents thinning. By supporting the growth of thick and resilient hair, it enhances overall hair growth while reducing hair loss. Sulphur also stimulates collagen production, which is crucial for the development of healthy hair. Collagen is not only important for hair but also for our skin to help us stay youthful. It’s a natural component that is naturally found in our bodies but with age and other factors, it depletes. With the help of red onion shampoo, you can restore it to a certain degree. Additionally, the use of onion hair oil for hair growth improves blood circulation in the scalp, further stimulating hair growth. 

Our favourite red onion shampoo is the Love Beauty & Planet Onion, Blackseed & Patchouli Sulfate Free Shampoo. This shampoo is infused with onion and black seed oil and helps to strengthen hair and nourish the scalp for healthy-looking tresses. It also contains 100% organic coconut oil and patchouli essential oil (ethically sourced from Indonesia) for added moisturisation and glorious natural fragrance.  

Just take an adequate amount in your palms and massage it into your scalp till there’s a lather. Wash it off in a minute and enjoy beautiful hair. 


2. Keeps scalp healthy 

Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair

Red onion shampoos offer dual benefits with their antibacterial and antifungal properties, which effectively protect the scalp from infections. Studies have shown that red onions have therapeutic properties that help in treating conditions such as dandruff and lice. If these scalp troubles and infections aren’t assessed in time, they can lead to hair loss. Therefore, incorporating red onion shampoos into your hair care routine not only helps prevent scalp infections but also assists in the management of dandruff and lice, promoting overall hair health and growth. What an all-rounder, right?  


3. Reduces hair fall

Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair

Onion juice or red onion shampoo can be highly effective for anyone struggling with hair thinning. It not only works as a natural method to stimulate hair growth but also prevents excessive hair loss. Sure, you will still lose hair after incorporating red onion shampoo or red onion hair care in your routine; but that’s only natural. An average human loses anywhere from 50-100 strands per day. However, if you lose a huge chunk every day, that is concerning.  The sulphur, biotin and vitamins in red onion help strengthen the hair from the roots and prevent hair fall.  

To reduce hair fall and frizz, check out the Love Beauty & Planet Onion, Black Seed & Patchouli Hairfall Control Conditioner. It keeps hair manageable to reduce tangles that lead to hair breakage and hair fall. It’s filled with the natural goodness of onion, coconut and black seed oil to keep your hair soft and silky! 

Take a coin-sized amount of sufficient amount for your hair and apply it to the lengths of your hair after shampooing. Leave it on for a minute and rinse off.  


4. Keeps hair lustrous

Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair

Red onions contain antioxidants and various components such as sulphur, biotin etc. which can improve the overall health and appearance of hair. By using red onion shampoo, you nourish and strengthen your hair follicles, which further promotes healthier hair growth, and reduces issues like breakage and damage. If you didn’t know, hair breakage and frizziness cause dull and rough hair. Hair breakage is the leading cause of split ends which is the main culprit of coarse ends. With red onion shampoo, your hair can become shinier, smoother, and more lustrous.  

Want extreme shine? We recommend the Love Beauty & Planet Onion, Black Seed Oil & Patchouli Hairfall Control, Paraben Free Hair Mask. This prevents hair loss, makes hair stronger and adds a beautiful shine to your tresses. This hair mask keeps hair tamed and lush till your next hair wash day! 

Wash your hair with the shampoo and pat dry with a towel till your hair is damp. Coat the length of your hair with the hair mask and leave it on for about 2-3 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.  


5. May slow down greying

Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair

Collagen is responsible to keep us looking youthful in many ways. It contains amino acids that are essential to produce melanin. If you’re not aware, melanin is the dark pigment we have in our hair, skin and iris. These amino acids in collagen are important for our bodies and the presence of collagen in red onion can help prevent hair greying. While it may not reverse the greys you already have, it helps in slowing down the production of greys in your locks.  


FAQs about Red Onion Shampoo: The Natural Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair 

Q1: Is red onion shampoo suitable for all hair types? 

Red onion shampoo is usually suitable for all hair types; however, you should always look out for allergies or sensitivities. While you might not be allergic to red onion itself, ingredients used to preserve or stabilise it might cause a reaction. Always patch test before using on a big area.  


Q2: Can red onion shampoo replace regular shampoo? 

Red onion shampoo can be used as a part of your hair care routine, but you need not completely replace regular shampoo. It is always good to alternate between red onion shampoo and your regular shampoo to maintain a balance. Switching shampoos ensures your hair isn’t accustomed to the benefits of one certain shampoo.  


Q3: Do red onion shampoos smell bad? 

Some red onion shampoos may have a distinct smell due to the natural odour of onions, but it is usually concealed well when used in hair care products. Most shampoos contain additional ingredients to help mask the onion scent.  

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