Wouldn’t it be perfect to wake up every morning and see silky hair staring back at you in the mirror? We know that despite this being every girl’s dream, very few manage to make this a reality. That’s why we’re sharing with you the right way to care for damaged hair…

Causes for damaged hair

The searing heat of the sun along with the constant exposure to dust and pollution breaks down the strands of hair. Along with genetic factors and the wear and tear of daily life, the hair shaft get worn-out even further, leading to split ends and damage.

Treat it right

For hair that seems damaged beyond repair, the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditoner is the duo we trust. Containing a powerful blend of Keratin Actives, this range goes right down to the cellular level of your strands to ensure that any damage is treated right at the root. The outcome? Healthy and nourished hair strands.

Small changes make all the difference

Damaged hair needs all the tender loving care it can get, so treat it right by making small changes to your hair care routine. When you step outdoors, cover your head with a scarf to prevent the sun from making your hair brittle. When possible, leave your hair loose in its natural state to avoid the risk of entangling. Make the switch from a hairbrush to a wide tooth comb which will detangle your hair without the risk of hair breakage. Follow these simple tips for healthy hair on a daily basis to get the tresses you’ve always wanted.
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