In a quest to get long, strong and healthy hair, we’ve done it all—from hair spas to trying out every product that promises us the hair we always dreamt of. In this trial and error method, we’ve been successful at times and failed during the others. But you know what can give you some truly unbelievable results? A scalp massage brush! We’re accustomed to brushing our locks but have you tried brushing your scalp—the crux of hair growth? Want to know more about this? Read on. 

Scalp Brushing and Stimulation for Hair Growth: The Basics  

Since the scalp is where the hair follicles are, keeping it healthy is the only way to ensure hair growth. In this therapy, you use a paddle brush instead of your fingers to massage your scalp. This magic process leads to stimulation in the scalp thereby leading to the birth of healthy locks. Using a scalp massage brush every time you deep cleanse your hair is bound to bring you faster results as the pores will be unclogged allowing the follicles to breathe while your scalp will be clean.

Tips for Scalp Brushing and Stimulation for Hair Growth

Tips for Scalp Brushing and Stimulation for Hair Growth

1. How to do it effectively 

Bend over and use the scalp massage brush to start brushing from the beginning of your scalp all the way to the nape of your neck. Make sure your hands are firm and the movement is slow. As you progress, move your head a little towards the right and then the left. Now stand straight and start brushing your scalp right from the hairline to the back of your neck. If you want the best results, you must repeat this at least three times. 

2. Use the correct brush 

In this hair therapy, you should use a paddle brush to massage your scalp. The smaller the bristles, the more effective it is in exfoliating your scalp, clearing scalp buildup and promoting blood and oxygen flow. This process leads to the stimulation of blood flow thereby ensuring that all the nutrients in your scalp are distributed leading to hair growth.

3. Nourish your tresses

3. Nourish your tresses 

Just massaging your hair is not enough if you don’t take care of it otherwise. In order for your hair to grow longer and stronger, you need to wash it the right way too. We’ve been using the Dove Healthy Ritual For Growing Hair Shampoo and Conditioner for a while and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. This nourishing combo is enriched with coneflower, coconut oil and white tea which have the power to reduce hair fall and instead help grow your hair out. Since it is free of parabens and artificial dyes, it is also perfect for those with weak, dry or frizzy hair. 

4. Cold water rinse 

Just before you step out of the shower, rinse your hair with cold water. Why? Cold water prevents moisture loss and heat damage to your hair. It might be only a few seconds but make sure you do it just before you’re done bathing. It also seals the cuticles and soothes your scalp which may otherwise be tender and susceptible to more wear and tear after massaging it with the scalp brush.

Benefits to Scalp Brushing and Stimulation for Hair Growth

Benefits to Scalp Brushing and Stimulation for Hair Growth

1. Gets rid of scalp buildup 

You must be wondering why we’re swearing by this therapy, right? Well, scalp brushing removes all the grime and chemicals that settle on the scalp due to environmental pollutants and the usage of the wrong hair products. You may suffer from recurring dandruff and itchy scalp problems because your scalp isn’t cleansed enough. This process of brushing will take care of this problem as it exfoliates and clears dead skin cells and dandruff flakes as well. 

2. Helps hair growth 

You must remember that while a head massage stimulates the blood flow in your scalp, scalp brushing is twice as effective, what with the brush bristles directly massaging your scalp—something that will ensure that all the nutrients in your scalp are well-distributed throughout so there’s enough hair growth.  

3. Keeps the hair healthy and nourished 

Moreover, scalp brushing evenly distributes the sebum through your scalp. This will ensure that all the moisture that has been stripped off your scalp is back only to give you gorgeous, healthy locks. So no more dry or frizzy hair as your own natural oils benefits your locks with just a few minutes of scalp brushing. 

4. Strengthens the hair 

Using a scalp massage brush basically promotes blood circulation and oxygen flow to the scalp. This means that even the weakest hair follicles are stimulated allowing them to heal and regrow strong and thick hair. Say goodbye to weak and brittle hair with just the stroke of your brush.

5. Help products get better absorbed

5. Help products get better absorbed 

Did you know that a scalp brush not only helps get rid of product buildup but also gets them better absorbed in your hair and scalp? Whether it is a styling product like a hair serum or the usual hair oil, using a scalp brush after applying them allows the product to get evenly distributed all over your scalp and hair. 

FAQs about Scalp Brushing and Stimulation for Hair Growth   

Q1. Does scalp brush help remove dandruff? 

Using a scalp brush does not directly remove dandruff. Sure, it helps lodge out the dandruff flakes from your tresses which happens to be the only visible result. But what massaging your scalp with the brush does is that it makes sure that your scalp is not too dry or too oily which are both hotbeds for dandruff. 

Q2. Does scalp brush massages help with a headache? 

Like any massage that relieves stress and tension from your body, scalp brush massages do the same. Since it relieves the physical tension and calms you down, especially after a hectic incident, it can easily help reduce headaches. It also helps reduce mental stress as the very act of scalp brushing is therapeutic. 

Q3. Should I use a scalp brush on dry or wet hair? 

  • You can use a scalp brush on both wet and dry hair but there are different techniques for it. For wet hair, apply the conditioner first and then take to the brushing as this will also allow the conditioner to better do its job. Add pressure and get to massaging. After a few minutes, start rinsing which will allow the dislodged buildup to leave your tresses.  
  • As for dry hair, brush gently and use small motions, Keep massaging in a circular fashion and only stick to the scalp. Don’t try running it down your hair as this could tug at your locks. 
  • And of course, those with curly hair are advised to use it when the hair is wet because that’s when you can get the most out of it.  

We love our chic bobs and pixies. But nothing paints a picture as pretty as long, healthy tresses. If you've always wondered how to grow long and strong hair, check out our tips on how to use a scalp massage brush to get your desired result.